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Gonzalo Figueroa


Gonzalo Figueroa

  • Born in 1984
  • Painter
  • Style: Geometric Abstraction
  • Born in Argentina
  • Based in Argentina
  • Works on commissions

Gonzalo Figueroa was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1984), where he lives to this day. He is a young, self-taught artist who confesses that he has always had a vocation for the visual arts. He tells about his empirical creative journey: “that process led me to find my own style, it was a long road but full of learning.”

His artistic production could be defined as abstract-geometric. Geometric abstraction is a trend whose rational premises lead to a schematic and synthetic language. There is no intention of representing objects of the visible world, and the artwork, emphasizing its two-dimensional quality, only refers to itself and establishes its own codes using purely visual elements such as color, lines, composition, design, harmony, rhythm. In the artist’s words, “what stands out the most is the color palette that is already a registered trademark in my works (…) also geometry as part of that order that reassures me and makes me feel complete when it comes to seeing finished my work”.

His work is diverse and varied, he experiments with materials such as acrylics, aerosols, markers on various types of supports: canvas, wood, he has intervened objects of different nature and he has even painted murals. The selection presented by Arte Original is made up of paintings on canvas and the compositional variety is also evident in its pictorial production. So, in some works he arranges, combines and recomposes lines of color; in others we see suspended geometric figures, and some others, which would belong to the abstract painting movement called Hard Edge, are visually identified by presenting flat areas of color -generally with monochromatic color palettes-, with abrupt, sharp and hard edges and transitions.

In the artistic language of Gonzalo Figueroa there is absolute neatness, precision and order. In his canvases with exceptional finishes, we observe structured and, at the same time, intuitive compositions.

Ana Beatriz García

In the Studio




“Buenos Aires Directo Artista. BADA”. La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Collective Exhibitions


“Buenos Aires Directo Artista. BADA”. La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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