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Ana Vanessa Urvina

Ana Vanessa Urvina presents us a beautiful work about the jungle landscape and the colors of the Caribbean. Her proposal is a rich combination of the exuberance of the jungle, the chromatic luminosity of the tropics and the voluptuousness of the line, to represent the miracle of the abundance of nature.

Urvina has had a long training in the field of art. She is a graduate of the School of Arts of the Universidad Central de Venezuela and she was also a professor in that University. Since her move to the United States, she discovered herself as an artist and since then she has developed a work defined in its theme, concept and style.

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    Under the water


    Orchids and palm trees


    Floating garden on blue


    Floating garden on yellow


    Flower in blue


    Flower in yellow


    Waterfalls box




    Quartz City


    Waterfall and plants