About us

Who are we?
We are a platform that connects Latin American artists
with collectors around the world

Why is it so hard to get beautiful fine art from Latin America to my home?

This is what we are working on. 

Have you ever been on a trip to Latin America, stumbled into a nearby gallery and picked up a painting or two? You thought “This is fantastic! What else is out there?” but didn’t have time to explore more of the art scene? Then you’re traveling back home with this large tube of paintings on your flight, thinking “there must be a better way”.  

Have you ever followed an awesome artist through social media, only to be discouraged from buying their artwork because of all the cumbersome logistics (How do I pay? What if I don’t get the painting? What if I don’t like it in person?).

Have you been thinking of adding variety to your home collection but not knowing which pieces to invest in? (Who are these artists? Are they well regarded in their region? What tendency do they fit into?)

We work with established artists from Latin America, giving them a space to present their work internationally. We make sure these pieces are a good fit for your art collection portfolio through our AI pricing model without any BS.

We’re the gallery that makes you, our artists, and our team, happy.

If You're an Artist, You Don't Want to Miss This Opportunity

Meet our team

Su Hyun Kim

Co-founder and CEO

All through my career, my focus was helping people improve their lives. Arte Original is the best way to do just this – to help collectors make good decisions and allow artists’ international careers to bloom, all the while creating jobs in Latin America. 

As cheesy as it sounds, I wake up smiling every morning, knowing that our mission is a well worth one to strive for.

David Ryu

Co-founder and advisor

Art and Tech, this junction must be the sweet spot. My perspective for Arte Original comes from the point of view of an art collector. Is it beautiful? Do I like it? But also, is it worth the investment? The last question can be solved by using the world’s most accurate AI art pricing model – takes out all the BS in the art price.

Anny Bello

Principal Curator

In approaching an artwork or in dialogue with the artist, an unlimited world of meanings opens up. I’m truly fortunate to create content, all the while being aware that it is only one vision of many, and being part of the broad effort to circulate the artist’s work. Especially in times of crisis, Arte Original is a valuable space for union and a window for dissemination.

Beatriz Palma


Half of my life I have worked with art. The ability of the artist to interpret the world through creativity is essential to understand ourselves from the outside and within us.

Arte Original gives me the opportunity to cross borders with the artists’ works to the international markets.

Ana Beatriz García


Arte Original is a beautiful initiative that boosts the circulation and marketing of Latin American art and it is a pleasure for me to work alongside its trained and enthusiastic team.

In my labor it is very rewarding to invite artists to participate and to have the privilege of contributing to the promotion, dissemination, and sale of their artworks through research.

Raquel Castro

Operations and Marketing

As a starting member of Arte Original, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this platform grow into a strong advocate for talented Latin American Artists. I make sure the operations run well by coordinating the team, helping artists with sending their artwork, all the while creating visual materials and content for marketing. Seeing beautiful art everyday while being in close contact with these artists is my daily motivation.

Alexis Milano

Website Development and Technology

Technology is my expertise and art is my interest. Arte Original has been a place where I can both contribute and learn. The combination of technology and art is where there’s endless possibilities and Arte Original exists and explores just that. I’m happy to be working alongside like minded team members, allowing me to work while having a blast.

Deabbie Parisis

Website Development and Operations Manager

Arte Original platform honors the various artistic languages ​​and discourses that converge, and reflects the beautiful and committed work of the entire team. I’m thrilled to be part of the team that created this effective tool for art buyers and collectors.

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