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Discover Truly Unique Art

Angélica Ramírez


Angélica Ramírez

  • Born in 1989
  • Textile Artist
  • Style: Figurative Expressionism
  • Born in Colombia
  • Based in Colombia
  • Works on commissions

Angélica Ramírez (1989), is a Colombian visual artist who, in addition to her studies in visual arts, has been tutored by art masters such as the Cuban Fidel Yordán Castro and the Colombian José Orlando López. Parallel to her artistic activity, Ramírez acts as a cultural manager, an area in which she has developed national and international exhibition projects, with the purpose of presenting the work of Colombian artists and those from other countries.

Ramírez has conceived a very particular technique and visual discourse, which consists of creating figurative compositions using cotton threads, which she sometimes combines with acrylic and oil. Her way of proceeding is very different from traditional weaving, she does not intertwine the threads, she does not weave or plot, but rather builds her figures by mixing the threads of different colors by juxtaposition, which she meticulously arranges on a wooden, glass or acrylic support. Through this technique, Ramírez manages to create very expressive, dynamic images, thanks to her knowledge and handling of color and its tones, as well as the successful play of lights, shadows, and textures.

Her aesthetic discourse is based on the concept of thermal energy contained in the human body. The chromatic expressiveness of her compositions alludes, precisely, to the temperature and thermal energy that our bodies emit; hence the primacy and expressive force of color in its “thermal palette”, which reminds us of the use of color by German expressionism and French fauvism.

José Gregorio Noroño




“Mapas térmicos”. La Távola, Bogotá. Colombia.

→ “Mapas térmicos”. Impact Café Tercer Espacio. Bogotá. Colombia.


Festival de las Artes de Chautla. Jalisco. México.

Casa de la Cultura de Loreto. Baja California Sur. México.

Barcelona 1.0. Barcelona, España.

Tierra. Cataluña. España. 

Primavera 2021. Cajicá. Colombia.

Bimarte. Bogotá. Colombia.

Modo 22. Bogotá. Colombia.


Zurich 2.0. Zúrich. Suiza.


Fika. Bogotá. Colombia.

Perspectivas. Bucaramanga. Colombia.


Epicentro. Bucaramanga. Colombia.


Mención de Honor y Reconocimiento Económico. Bimarte. Bogotá. Colombia.

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