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Discover Truly Unique Art

Carlos Rivero


Carlos Rivero

  • Born in 1953
  • Painter
  • Style: Popular Art
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Carlos Rivero (Venezuela, 1953) is a self-taught painter with a long and recognized career in Venezuelan popular painting. Born in Río Tocuyo, located in Lara state, in 1968 he moved to La Guaira. In this city he had the opportunity to interact with the cultural environment, and to participate in the Grupo Artístico Armando Reverón. He worked with the renowned popular painter Feliciano Carvallo, from whom he has an important influence on the pictorial language that he will develop.

The work of Rivero is characterized by a strikingly colorful naive style, compositions full of plant elements, animals and people with a simple life. The manners, historical, religious themes, still lifes and landscapes return us scenes of the Venezuelan landscape, with a primitivist vision and a skilfully represented fabled imaginary. He gathers a repertoire of figures in jungle settings, rich in plants of various shapes and colors. Despite the fact that the entire surface is intervened, it genuinely achieves a delicate harmony throughout the whole. In the words of the critic Perán Erminy “it is a typical example of the horror vacui (horror to the void), which completely saturates the entire surface of his works and makes them particularly attractive”.

With almost fifty years of experience, he has received numerous awards both in Venezuela and abroad. In addition to having an extensive record of exhibitions in cities such as Bogotá, Mexico City, Holland, Los Angeles, London, Miami, New York, Paris, Toronto, among others. Because of his participation in the Artes Gráficas Panamericanas-AGPA program, he is also represented in forty museums in Pan American countries.

Anny Bello

Feature Video Artist




Hotel Bella Vista, Margarita, Venezuela.


Hotel Ávila, Caracas, Venezuela.


Galería Tamiz, Maracaibo, Venezuela.


Anissy Art Gallery, Florida, Estados Unidos.


Galería Arver-Space, de París, Francia.


Galería Municipal de Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela.


Consulado de Venezuela, Florida, Estados Unidos.


Consulado de Venezuela, Orlando, Estados Unidos


Galería Julio T. Arze, Carora, Lara, Venezuela.


Hotel Barquisimeto Hilton, Barquisimeto, Venezuela.


 Alianza Francesa, Barquisimeto, Venezuela.


Galería Utopía 19, El Hatillo, Caracas, Venezuela.


“Retrospectiva 40 años”. C.C. El Hatillo, Caracas, Venezuela.


Galería Alto Prado, Caracas, Venezuela.


“Carlos Rivero y su mundo”. Galería Vearte, Barquisimeto, Venezuela.


“Carlos Rivero y su mundo”. Retrospectiva en la Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado -UCLA, Barquisimeto, Venezuela.


“Arte latinoamericano”. Sotheby’s, New York, Estados Unidos. 


“Iconografía americana”. Museo Iberoamericano de Florida, Estados Unidos.


 “Venezuela Art”. Bolívar Hall de Londres, Inglaterra.


Pinacoteca de la Divina Pastora, Barquisimeto, Venezuela.


“Maestros venezolanos”. Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela.


“Primera exposición colectiva”. White’s Art Gallery, Florida, Estados Unidos.

 Primer Premio Salón Estado Lara, Venezuela.

Primer Premio en las Fuerzas Armadas de Venezuela, Venezuela

Primer Premio en el Ministerio de Hacienda, Venezuela.

Primer Premio en Instituto del Departamento Vargas, Venezuela

Primer Premio en el Aniversario del Departamento Vargas.

Primer Premio en el Distrito Torres, Lara, Venezuela.

Primer Premio en la Base Naval de Puerto Cabello, Bolívar, Venezuela  

Segundo Premio Salón Rojas Meza, Venezuela.

Premio Bárbaro Rivas, Venezuela.

Premio Hotel Macuto Sheraton, Venezuela.

Primera Mención en la Escuela Naval de Venezuela, Venezuela.

Primera Mención en la Marina Mercante de Venezuela, Venezuela.

Mención Honor, Gobernación del Distrito Federal, Venezuela.

Mención Honor, Concejo Municipal del Distrito Federal, Venezuela.

Mención Honor, Concejo Municipal del Distrito Sucre, Venezuela.

Mención Honor por el Salón de Valores Jóvenes, Venezuela.

Mención Honor, Certamen Mayor de las Artes, Venezuela.

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