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Mariana Falcón


Mariana Falcón

  • Born in 1980
  • Painter
  • Style: Figurative Expressionism
  • Born in Chile
  • Based in Chile

Mariana Falcón is a Chilean artist based in Pucón, a city in southern Chile. She has participated in multiple national exhibitions and her work has traveled to Argentina and the United States.

“The work presented is a series of paintings that are part of Temporal Fragments, a pictorial work begun in 2016, in a search to subtract through automatic, abstract and linear drawing, mental maps that the viewer can interpret from a frontal or an aerial view, as a plan with structures under construction and deconstruction.

As these lines intertwine, they form a great network from which emerges an imaginary landscape loaded with characters and elements that dialogue in the middle of intense colors, which recall the everyday as an interpretation of the saturation in modern life and the nature that always manages to emerge, in the middle of it”




“El muñeco como modelo de lo humano”, Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco, Chile.


→ “Fragmentos Temporales”, casa de la cultura, Iquique, Chile

→ Exposición permanente, Galeria Trazos de Chile, Pucón, Chile.


Exposición pictórica, La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I Feria Internacional de Arte, Málaga, España.


→ “Poliformes”, Galería de Arte Museo Nacional Ferroviario Pablo Neruda, Temuco, Chile.


→ FAXXI, Vitacura, Chile.

“Tu obra, nuestra obra”, exposición itinerante, colectivo Apech, Santiago, Chile. 

→ Spectrum Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos.

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