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Irina Ferrer Brillante


Irina Ferrer Brillante

  • Born in 1988
  • Painter
  • Style: Landscape / Figurative / Abstract
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Argentina

Irina Ferrer Brillante was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1988. She has a degree in Architecture from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She currently resides in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from where she develops her emerging artistic career. The work of Ferrer dialogues with the imaginary related to architectural drawing, but also offers an expressive and unprecedented interpretation of the landscape genre.

Despite being young and getting involved with art recently, her artistic proposal stands out for being very well defined in terms of theme, style and technique. She exclusively portrays urban landscapes with a certain sketchy treatment. She combines the technique of drawing and painting, as well as the figurative and abstract tendency, so her visual language fuses the precision and rigidity of the architectural drawing line, with the expressive, spontaneous and random possibilities of watercolor.

The artworks presented by Arte Original are small format and have paper as their support, qualities that refer us to a kind of visual blog. Her creative need registers real spaces, but she does not try to do it in an exact or rigorous way. The artist has lived in various cities around the world and today, she is a migrant. The cities of Ferrer could be the ones that live in her memory or the one that she travels daily and that she contemplates in amazement from her foreign perspective. Due to the free brushstroke and color palette, they suggest being magical, ethereal, suspended cities.

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