Discover Truly Unique Art

Discover Truly Unique Art


Arte Original presents:

Valentine's Day


Beatriz Palma Astroza

Love and lack of love are inherent in our human experience and are generators of great movements in our lives through passion and that deep state that seems indescribable in a single form or image. Art is definitely the expression that can come closer to the representation of this motif and in its multiple presentations has put it as its topic to address.

Artist and spectator of the artwork, inserted in their particular biographies, will experience the works from their own feelings, but also from the context of the values culture of each era. Before the Renaissance, love in painting was mediated by mythology or the sublime, to then give way to its exploration from personal experience. And in this reflection of society made possible by art, today a space for discussion is opened from gender studies and from the different uses of love that we can see in the constitution of families not only traditional restricted to roles and functions defined unfolding without prejudice towards the construction of the freedom of each individual.

In Arte Original and through this selection of works we want to present a possible approach to love beginning with the piece “Mickey & Minnie” by Jorge Contreras along with “Satisfaction” by Andrés “Titi Gana” both showing a frenetic dance and appealing to the fresh and spontaneous gaze but no less critical of what is sneaks into our daily lives in Latin American countries.

Then two girlfriends who tell us about the same fact from such different places and how through their paintings, Luz María Fernández and Yudy Márquez manage to experiment such dissimilar emotions about the same symbol.

The artworks “Melancolía” and “14 de Febrero” dialogue from the enigmatic, in addition to the color palette. That older woman in the shadows looking at me holding on her lap a hen opens the question who existed before and is no more? in the middle of loneliness, who is she thinking of? While young women move towards February 14, do they belong to a cult? are they escaping? Will their motive be love? And it will be Adriana Calderón even when she tells us the story in the title of the work “Mujer Andaluza enamorada de un Pintor llamado Henry” the enigma continues, will she be reciprocated?

Finally we include “El cortejo” by Rosa Salazar and “Recostada en su cuarto” by Kristy Hernández. Both in movement and putting them in dialogue with the other works lead to humanize the courtship of birds and build a bridge between intimacy and youth where for the first time we experience love.


Imaginary portrait a bride


El cortejo N°3


Serie Iconos del Pop. Mickey & Minnie

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