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Discover Truly Unique Art


Arte Original presents:

International Women's Day


José Gregorio Noroño

In all times and cultures, women have been a source of inspiration for artists, who have insistently represented the female figure in the different disciplines of visual expression. We cannot deny that the image of women as models has occupied an important space throughout the history of the visual arts, that it has been a recurring artistic theme treated in different ways.

However, when reviewing the History of art, we notice that her condition as a professional artist, her presence and participation in the art world, did not have the same relevance as her figure as a reason for artistic creation. Some art scholars had not given her the right place as a visual creator; however, we know that, since the most ancient civilizations, women have carried out activities of an artistic nature such as pottery, weaving, upholstery and basketry, tasks that allowed them to discover and develop their manual skills and their talent for visual expression; experiences that have been the starting point to cultivate an artistic career of great magnitude.

Although this has contributed to the formation of consecrated artists, by trade, it was not as easy for women to dedicate themselves professionally to art as men, since before the 19th century they were totally marked by a series of prejudices that reduced them to a monotonous domestic and religious life; Even so, there were some that, above all obstacles and conventions, devoted themselves to artistic activity, bequeathing us artworks of the same quality and relevance as those conceived by male artists of the same era as them.

Examining every corner of history, we discover a large number of female artists ignored and forgotten by many prejudiced art scholars. But thanks to the arduous and significant research carried out by art historians J.J. Wilson, Karen Petersen, Linda Nochlin, and Ann Sutherland Harris, beginning in the 1970s, it has been possible to discover a large number of artistic works created by extremely talented women. Even as a result of these studies, some art historians, critics, and researchers are interested in female creation, who continued with the task begun by the aforementioned professionals to claim, recognize and value their artistic productions.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we present a group of artworks created by women promoted on our platform, who have assumed art as a way of expression and visual communication; that is, as her job and a way of life itself. The selected works of these artists -Venezuelan, Argentinian and Chilean-, are grouped under the thematic criterion of “women seen by women”, since the theme or common thread of this Collection responds to the figure of the woman as model represented and reinterpreted in the visual productions of 13 female creators of the Latin American artistic field.


White Dreams


Wild Girl


Tabay con su jaguar


Hija del mar

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