Discover Truly Unique Art

Discover Truly Unique Art


Arte Original presents:

Small Formarts


Ana Beatriz García.

In Arte Original we have proposed to conceive our collection taking the small format as the central theme. We present a selection of artworks that, being of different techniques, supports, themes, styles, discourses and languages, have their small dimensions in common. This proposal arises in response to the need to highlight and promote the value of these artistic productions that, from their common continental context, contribute to the construction of contemporary Latin American aesthetics and identity. The selection is made up of creations by Venezuelan, Chilean and Argentinian artists; we present oil and acrylic paintings, collages, mixed media, photographs and three-dimensional works on paper, canvas and wood supports.

Previously, small formats were only conceived as sketches, but since the last century they have managed to acquire an artistic relevance equivalent to other larger pieces, adding all the favorable characteristics that they have. Among the practical advantages of small-format works, we could mention that their assembly is quite simple. Taking into account spatial issues, its location indoors and outdoors is very convenient. Moving and shipping may be more convenient than other sizes. Also, the price is usually affordable.

Considering that the holidays and end of the year parties are coming and that these are times that particularly call us to reflection, to the cultivation of spirituality, to gratitude, to projections, to celebrations and to share, what could be a better gift for ourselves and for others than art? The artistic object, unlike any other object, not only has concrete utility, but also has a deeply human dimension. Art that, from its material condition, is also soul. It is manual, digital elaboration and it is also thought, philosophy and society. Art is beauty, decoration and enjoyment. It is gesture, color and vibration. It is sensibility and method. Art, which is representation, interpretation and communication. Art, which is a mirror of oneself and an approach to the other. The art that is also possession and investment. Especially the small-format pieces, offer the expressive meaning of the artistic object and make possible the formation of an accessible art collecting.


De la serie Divina Pastora I




Mirror theory


Waterfalls box


Under the water


Breaking the loop


Waterfall and plants


Serie Iconos del Pop. Mickey & Minnie


Serie Iconos del Pop. Beavis & Butt-Head Cop America – Flash


Serie Iconos del Pop. Hollywood Steps Out


Serie Triciclos


Serie Iconos del Pop. Hollywood Steps Out



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