Discover Truly Unique Art

Discover Truly Unique Art


Arte Original presents:

Re-Brand New


Seoul, South Korea

2021 / 6.08 – 6.22

By: Jorge Contreras

Our first exhibition was held in Seoul, South Korea! During the month of June in collaboration with Eugene Gallery, we presented 11 paintings from Venezuelan Artist Jorge Contrereas in a collective exhibition. We presented pieces from his series “Mickey” in which the artist expresses iconic Disney figures in his signature sense of irony and humor.The reception of his art was extraordinary, leading to a sold out exhibition of all his artwork! This is the first exhibition of many to come through Arte Original’s partnership with Eugene Gallery.

“In my work, I invite the viewer to play like children, with humor and irony. I want to provoke a smile from the viewers. I try to establish an interaction through the management of colors, inscriptions, symbols and calligraphies, which makes my art both challenging and possibly shocking.

I want to establish the basic idea that art is linked to things we can see in our everyday lives. Art is wrapped in rich figurative or conceptual metaphors, showing that there are no barriers between our lives, creativity, originality, and art itself”.

Jorge Contreras 

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