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Discover Truly Unique Art


Arte Original presents:

The Landscape - Collection from Arte Original


Anny Bello

The recognition of landscape as a genre meant shedding the presence of man from the academic tradition and taking the artist’s relationship with nature to another level, bringing to light the strength of emotions contained in their environment. The elevated landscape as the central theme of the work signified a step forward in the configuration of a new language, and the inclusion of simple and everyday life as a matter of artistic interest.

Latin America is the heir to this story. It is worth highlighting a history adjusted to its own singularities. From Central America to Patagonia, it presents shared origins but with a multicultural spirit and diverse geography. This same richness and complexity is found in the rich views of the landscape developed from past decades to more recent dates.

In a contemporary context of numerous and influential currents, it continues to be a genre that allows addressing issues related to territory, displacement, travel, identity, among many other edges that have represented conceptual and visual concerns for artists.

Thus, we present a group of artists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela who have worked on landscape in relation to its time, through painting, collage, and photography. The connection of each one of them with its geography, natural or urban, provides a very particular reading. The language that translates these perceptions ranges from realism, naturalism, to dreamlike visions or approaches to certain aspects that make them completely abstract.

The changing quality of the atmosphere, the morphology of the ungraspable or vague vegetation due to the effect of light, mist or darkness, the indecipherable urban fabric, converge in an arsenal of problematic knots that can be observed in the selected works. The desire to contain in memory and capture it on canvas or in photography, the unstable nature of time and its passage over forms, continues to be a seductive phenomenon for today’s artists.





Otra luz


Serie efímeros




La creación del jaguar


Jardín Urbano


El cortejo

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