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Raúl Tamarís

Raúl Tamarís is considered an atypical artist due to the versatility with which he has moved in field of art. Trained as a graphic designer in the prestigious, and now disappeared, Neumann Design Institute, with studies at the National Experimental University of Arts, is also dedicated to teaching, artistic projects and development disciplined of his plastic work. With a long history, and amidst the different paths that their creative processes have had, preserves certain aspects that are intrinsic to his stance on art and the personal interests that are essential to him, like the passion for restoration and archeology. The traces that time leaves on the matter, it is a phenomenon that has persisted in their searches, even when they point to other objectives.

Tamarís identifies his current work as abstract expressionism. He tells us, “no I can separate my life from what I paint, and since life has so many twists, that affects me work”. In a conflictive situation like that of Venezuela, he has had to deal with the uncertainty that has affected all areas of society, as well as the dent that has made in your inner world.

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