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  • Born in 1937
  • Painter
  • Style: Free Abstraction
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Born as Giuseppe Lupo, Pristowscheg (Rome, Italy, 1937) works with digital technologies. His work does not fit into a conventional category of painting, since his brushwork is done with computerized tools, thus achieving highly manual effects on virtual supports.

He is an electronic engineer from the Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy. He has lived in Venezuela since 1970 where he built a career in the metal mechanical industry. As part of the field work, he began to make photographic records of the industrial landscape. This activity would be the beginning of his passion for black and white photography.

Already fully dedicated to art in 2010, he changed his artistic identity and adopted the name Pristowscheg. He makes interventions with design programs on photographic images, edits them and changes the shapes and colors, until he reaches figures that are detached from the originals. Added to this expressive possibility is his approach to Russian constructivism and the study of other modern trends. From these references, applied to his work, he creates other encodings that will define his style identified with a free abstraction. His compositions are full of color, curved, sinuous and straight lines, and planes of great compositional and expressive force. These digital images are subsequently printed in acrylic, metal, silkscreen or giclée encapsulations.

The artist organizes his work by series, each one differentiated by chromatic variations, shapes and compositions. In the publication titled Pristowscheg. Chromatic perspectives, the series worked until 2017 are compiled: La ruggine, The Blue Suite, Las teorías, Capítulo IV, Los galimatías, Busillis, The Break, Terro, Garbuglio, Nivuro precolombino, La estética de la palabra, Expresiones y Punto y coma.

Anny Bello




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“Perspectivas cromáticas». G17, Centro de Arte los Galpones, Caracas, Venezuela.


Curator´s Voice Art Project. Miami, Florida, Venezuela.

→  Miami River Art Fair. Miami, Florida, Venezuela.


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Pristowscheg. Perspectivas cromáticas, Caracas, Venezuela.

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