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Paulo Toledo


Paulo Toledo

  • Born in 1976
  • Painter
  • Style: Pop Art / Street Art
  • Born in Chile
  • Based in Chile
  • Works on commissions

Paulo Toledo is a Chilean artist (1976). He studied Technical Architectural Drawing at DUOC UC, Santiago de Chile and later Multimedia Production at AIEP in the same city. He began his career as an artist in 1995 in the city of Santiago, Chile. Later he traveled to Mexico in 2000 and studied painting at the San Ángel School in Mexico and attended the workshop of the renowned artist Sandro de Ponte.

The inspiration for his work comes from the urban universe. Each space and each person generate stories that he captures in his artworks, be they canvases, furniture, objects, murals, or sculptures. All these, loaded with meanings, are returned to the street and its people, democratizing artistic production in permanent interventions. The space then becomes a stage to express his particular vision of this world. The concepts of his work are a mixture of creativity and play, discipline and loyalty to the perspective of his inner child. Seeking the complicity of the public, he always connects with the surprise that his infinite fields of color give away.

“Resources are simple and found everywhere. For me, the world is a kind of canvas that reflects reality and the evolution of our stories. My creative process is born from any provocative event, whether daily or very profound, the difference does not matter. The relevant thing is to end up creating a work that connects with people and their contingency”.

Beatriz Palma

In the Studio




“Festival Cervantino”. Guanajuato, México. 

“Muestra en la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana UNAM” Ciudad de México, México.


Centro Cultural Teatro Mauri, Valparaíso, Chile. 


Galería Drugstore, Providencia, Santiago de Chile. 


→ Sala Novedades, Biblioteca de Santiago, Santiago de Chile. 

→ Cooperativa de Artesanos Mundart, Santiago de Chile. 


Salón Boutique Marca Audi, Santiago de Chile. 


→ Galería Espora, Santiago de Chile. 


Sala Cable al Arte Fundación Colunga, Santiago de Chile. 


→ Empresa CUSTOMER TRIGGER, Mural , Santiago de Chile. 


Centro Cultural de Colina, Santiago de Chile. 


→ Galería CV, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile.


Centro Cultural Balmaceda 1215, Santiago de Chile. 

Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Santiago de Chile. 


Asociación de Pintores y Escultores de Chile (APECH), Santiago de Chile. 


Expo-Arte Rocas de Santo Domingo 

Museo Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna, Santiago de Chile. 


Aeropuerto Pudahuel Salón VIP Lan-Chile, Santiago de Chile. 


Academia de Artes Aplicadas Arte59, Santiago de Chile. 


Casa La Sebastiana – Fundación Neruda, Santiago de Chile 


→ Expo-Arte Rocas de Santo Domingo 

→ Residencia Galería Local Proyect Santiago-Nueva York, Santiago de Chile. 


Feria de Arte – ARTWEEK, Santiago de Chile 

Galería Fondo y Forma, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile. 


Sala Las Condes Design, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile. 

Galería Mackenna, Santiago de Chile 


Ilustre Municipalidad Colina , Santiago de Chile 

Ilustre Municipalidad Maipú, Santiago de Chile 

Sala Las Condes Design, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile. 

Casona Lo Singular, Providencia, Santiago de Chile. 

Galería Nómada, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile. 


Ilustre Municipalidad de las Condes, Santiago de Chile.

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