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Belén Larroulet


Belén Larroulet

  • Born in 1990
  • Painter
  • Style: Free abstraction
  • Born in Argentina
  • Based in Argentina

Belén Larroulet (Mendoza, Argentina 1990) is a young and emerging artist who constantly builds bridges between music and the visual arts. These links between artistic manifestations are revealed to us even without knowing the background of Larroulet, who from a very young age has been involved with both branches. She is currently a guitar and composition interpreter and teacher, and in parallel, she inserts her visual work of solid discourse in the art circuit.

Regarding her most intimate creative processes, the artist confesses “Just as music leads me to improvisation and a state of trance, the lines lead me to abstraction.” Like when she feels jazz, when she plays the guitar, she composes, interprets, with rhythm and improvisation, in the same way she composes a painting – she breaks into a thousand pieces, builds back, messes up, then takes a new course.

The artist, through her imagination, has fun with symbols, colors, textures by using different materials such as acrylic paints, aerosol sprays, fibers, inks, markers, everyday objects, cardboards, sponges, spatulas, brushes, and even her own hands. She arranges free lines in harmony with color palettes, layers, lines, and shapes that seem to be frozen from movement.

Artistic gesture is a game and an adventure for Larroulet: “In my artworks the gesture is very important, which is linked to emotions, feeling, the childlike gaze. In general we see elements of childhood that break with the established to look as if it were the first time”.

It could be sensed that sound and color are vibrations of the soul for Larroulet. Through the connection of her senses, she can feel alive and give life to her works, which are also vibrant universes.

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