Discover Truly Unique Art

Discover Truly Unique Art


Arte Original presents:

La Cosecha


Washington (2021)

Exhibition held in Washington DC, in the month of March, in commemoration of Women’s month. The exhibition was presented with four talented Venezuelan artists of different tendencies. 

Manuela Armand

Her work revolves around the idea of the ephemeral as well as her observation of natural phenomena, landscape, and its changes. The artist’s reading of air transparency, atmospheric pressure, currents of the wind, changes of the rain and the sun are expressed skilfully through acrylic, collage or charcoal. The free flowing use of material and pigment captures the impossible task of expressing the colorless and tasteless air, by painting the strong presence of light and clear color nuances. Lighting and color which are reduced to expressive elements becomes clearly sensory and intimate. This work brings us back to a sensitive connection with nature that we tend to ignore in our overwhelming modern life in large cities.

Yudy Marquez

Yudy was born in Caracas and studied architecture at the Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida.

Her art convenes us into a spiral of beauty and complexity, where her images lead us to the transcendental dreams which are incarnated in her works. Her art is extraordinary in showing her idea of the world and its people. It turns the human figures into a complex beauty where the images on the canva are seduced and covered in the nakedness of the landscape, mixed with dreams and imagination. It takes us on a trip through the incredible surreal world, under magical realism. It’s notable the role female figures play in her work with a dreamy quality.

Belkis Granada

Belkis Granada is an artist from  Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui and studied Art at the Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela. She has participated in numerous workshops and exhibitions in various cities in Venezuela.

“I’m not painting an indigenous person when I’m painting those faces, I’m painting a Latin American that allows oneself to be identified as any part of themself that he or she desires. In short, we are what we are – we are our expressions”. Belkis Granada 

Maria Brito

She is an artist and a nature lover who expresses herself with images of her imagined nature. Her work was described by one of her mentors as a “mixture of contemporary impressionism, fantasy and nature, and the use of overlapped figures”.  Vibrant colors, curved shapes, geometric and outlined figures, are usually characteristic of her work. The modern and impressionist language stands out in her paint strokes. She was raised in a home where gardening was of special importance, surrounded by tropical plants and fruit trees. Her mother used to tell her that plants should be treated with care. Concern for deforestation and destruction of nature has accompanied her throughout her life. She expresses constant interest in nature and its importance to human life. Her love for nature and the essence of the planet earth is reflected in her art work. 

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