Discover Truly Unique Art

Discover Truly Unique Art


Arte Original

Carlos Rivero


Mercado DC

As part of Mercado DC’s event at Eastern Market, Art Original presented paintings from artist Carlos Rivero. The artist has managed to recreate a world where the tropical – with its vegetation, flowers, and animals – is the central theme of his colorful works. The lines and colors conspire to give life to that universe where the artist expresses his love for the nature and customs of his people. His work, innate and intuitive, springs from the depths of his soul as a sensitive and humble man who is searching to differentiate himself within the style of “Naïve art“.

Rivero’s colorful art has caught the attention of many who were visiting the event and raised awareness of the then nascent Art Original. It was a casual and fun event, one that we would definitely want to participate in again!

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