Discover Truly Unique Art

Discover Truly Unique Art

Ileana Rincón-Cañas


Ileana Rincón-Cañas

  • Born in 1975
  • Photographer
  • Style: Landscape
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in USA

Ileana Rincón-Cañas (1975) was born in Venezuela and there she studied Advertising and Marketing. Later, she completed a Master’s Degree in 3D Animation in Spain. She currently lives in the United States, and she has worked as a motion graphic designer and as a 3D artist for more than 20 years, hence her expertise and thoroughness in digital image post-production.

Regarding the magical and fantastic atmosphere of her images, she declares: “My photographs are an inverted reality and a reverse of the logic that does not come from my dreams as in surrealism, but are born in my imagination”. Her aesthetic has a certain pictorial configuration and, especially, the artist recognizes a powerful artistic influence from painters such as Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington, Giorgio de Chirico and René Magritte.

The poetics of Rincón-Cañas’s artworks have thoughtful dimensions. In her proposal, she problematizes personal, intimate issues and tries to raise awareness about social and environmental issues. Her work is self-referential; the self-portrait is perhaps the vehicle to represent the feminine. Likewise, we notice a conceptualization of identity, from her perspective not only as a woman, but also as a migrant, given that she has lived in various cities around the world: she photographs herself, in parts, fragmented, taking different postures and positions, located in various settings and situations. Works such as Evolution, Mirror theory and Loop suggest deeply human considerations about thought and ideas, spiritual growth, meditation, introspection, self-perception, unfolding, transformation, the cyclical, creation, death. At the same time, the artist always establishes a dialogue between the human and the environment, linking the human figure with everyday objects in her unique intimate and/or natural landscapes.

Ana Beatriz García




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Shibuya Sushi Art. Weston, Florida, Estados Unidos.

“Venezuela Art Fair”. Jersey City, New Jersey, Estados Unidos.

“Venezuela Art Fair”. Astoria, New York, Estados Unidos.

“Familiar Strangers”. Vacant Museum, Online Exhibition.

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