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Aníbal Camejo


Aníbal Camejo

  • Born in 1945
  • Photographer
  • Style: Abstract
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Colombia
  • Works on commissions

Aníbal Camejo (1945), is a passionate Venezuelan photographer, residing in Colombia, who has nearly 40 years in the field of photography, being an unavoidable reference in the panorama of the photographic movement of his country of origin. Camejo considers himself a self-instructed photographer, although from his beginnings, until now, he has not stopped consulting other professionals: photographers, painters, and art critics. His work is unmistakable, since he has been able to impress a very personal stamp on it, typical of anyone who works with the visual image with sensibility, creative and aesthetic sense.

Although Camejo initially opposed the change from analog to digital cameras, he finally resigned himself and began to take advantage of this new technological tool. But this photographer does not stop there, but rather goes beyond that procedure —like all creators and inventors who are constantly experimenting in search of something new, different, and impressive—, now he tries to find pictorial effects in his photographic images, intervening in them through digital practice, which he has successfully achieved.

From the complex human, social and natural reality, Camejo has recorded with his cameras the female nude, which has been one of his recurring themes, as well as the natural landscape and scenes from the urban world. The images that Aníbal captures from reality are now digitally metamorphosed with great aesthetic sense, thus creating a new visual universe charged with great pictoriality, provided by gestures and chromatic expressiveness. In his recent works, the photographic image is blurred, transfigured, approaching a pictorial composition, a colorful digital painting, where figuration and abstraction merge with stylistic ingredients related to informalism or lyrical expressionism. In these works, Aníbal Camejo induces the viewer to experience aesthetic emotions and to use their imagination and creativity to recreate the images that he offers them.

José Gregorio Noroño

In the Studio




Vestigios y contrastes de un viaje interminable. Galería de Fotografía del TOM, Maracay. Venezuela. 


“Palco de proscenio”. Galería del TOM, Maracay. Venezuela.


“Rasgos”. Alianza Francesa, Caracas. Venezuela.


“Rasgos y embarazos de una trayectoria”. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo “Mario Abreu”, Maracay. Venezuela.


II Bienal Regional de Fotografía, GAMUNARTE, Maracay, Aragua. Venezuela.


VI Salón de Artistas Plásticos del Estado Carabobo. Venezuela.


XIV Salón de Arte Aragua “Aragua Visión de los 80”. Casa de la Cultura, Maracay. Venezuela.


XLVIII – XLIX Salón de Artes Visuales “Arturo Michelena”, Valencia. Venezuela.


XLVIII Salón de Arte Nacional de Aragua. Casa de la Cultura, Maracay. Venezuela.
La Fotografía Contemporánea de Aragua, Diez Fotógrafos, Diez Propuestas. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Mario Abreu, Maracay. Venezuela.


II Bienal Nacional de Fotografía, GAMUNARTE, Maracay. Venezuela.


→ III Bienal Nacional de Fotografía, (Invitado Especial). GAMUNARTE, Maracay. Venezuela. 


XI Salón del Caribe, Sala CADAFE del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas. Venezuela.


VI Bienal Nacional de Artes Plásticas de Puerto La Cruz. Venezuela.


IV Bienal Regional de Fotografía, GAMUNARTE, Maracay. Venezuela.


Azul. Exposición multimedia. Centro Cultural El Castillito, Nezahualcóyotl. México.


 Primer Premio II Bienal de Fotografía. GAMUNARTE, Maracay. Venezuela.


Mención de Honor en el VI Salón de Artistas Plásticos del Estado Carabobo. Venezuela.


Premio Regional de Artes Visuales. Gobernación del Estado Aragua, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Maracay Mario Abreu. Venezuela.


Orden Samán de Aragua, Primera Clase, otorgada por el Gobierno del Estado Aragua. Venezuela.


Orden Ciudad de Maracay, Segunda Clase, otorgada por la Alcaldía del Municipio Girardot del Estado Aragua. Venezuela. 

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