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Shipping & Delivery
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No need to worry about shipping fees within continental USA, we deliver the artwork to you for no additional cost! For international shipping, we just add the exact shipping fee. Once your order is placed, your artwork will be prepared and shipped ASAP. We will contact you with the tracking information while we also monitor the shipment until it arrives safely to your doorstep.

Some of the artworks are in our Washington, DC headquarter, hence will be delivered approximately 10 business days from the shipment date. Others are with the artists. Depending on where the artist resides, it might take up to 6-8 weeks for it to arrive at your home. This is because some countries require processing time for artworks to be exported. We will make sure all logistics are seamless and keep you informed throughout the process.

We hope you enjoy your newly acquired art fully! In case you find that it doesn’t work for you, you have 10 business days from receiving the painting to return. Refunds will be issued as long as the art piece arrives to us in its original condition.

All paintings are delivered safely rolled up. However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of stretching the painting, we can deliver it in a crate. Stretching and shipping will be an extra fee, and the painting will be delivered to you ready to be hung in your home hassle free. Please email us at to let us know that you want your paintings stretched and we’ll take care of it.

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