Arte Original presents:

Valentine from Latin America


Lapop, Washington DC

Our Valentines’ day exhibition was for the viewers to enjoy warm and bright artwork from Venezuela! The theme of love was how the artworks were selected – love for our partners, family, friends, life – what fills our lives with meaning.

Carlos Rivero – Love of nature, land, and customs of his people

Carlos is one of the most well-known Venezuelan folk artists with more than 47 years of artistic career. The artist has managed to recreate a world where the tropical – with its vegetation, flowers, and animals – is the central theme of his colorful works.

Manuel Brito – Love of one’s childhood

One can see Manuel’s nostalgia for his childhood through the items – such as bicycles and paper boats – in his paintings. During his childhood, livelihood came first sometimes but the artist did not give up his love for art – he started as an assistant to a master artist in his studio and developed his skills of combining landscape, architecture, and memories of his childhood in his colorful paintings.

Yudy Marquez – Love of family

Yudy’s protagonists show so much playfulness and imagination in her art space – where the real and surreal combines. Her paintings of a dominant bride carrying her groom in a basket, a grandma gently hugging her grandchildren and a magical fish pet, a little girl and her mother posing with a mythical animal, they all show the love of family.

Manuela Armand – Love of the impermanent nature of life

Manuela, assistant professor of visual art in Universidad de los Andes, her work revolves around the idea of the ephemeral as well as her observation of natural phenomena, landscape, and its changes – such as the movement of air, light, and storms. The environment and natural landscape are the protagonists of her work, fleeting but with constant movements. Her love of such phenomena shows beautifully through her mixed technique of painting and collage.

Raul Tamaris – Love of creation

Raul combines techniques from his classical training with street art. He expresses the creation of the planet or the birth of a jaguar through a big bang in his paintings.

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