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Siul Rasse


Siul Rasse

  • Born in 1988
  • Textile Artist
  • Style: Landscape / Figurative
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Siul Rasse (Venezuela, 1988), has a degree in Visual Arts, mention Painting, from the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores en Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón, Caracas, 2012, with complementary studies in conservation and restoration, cultural management and museology, among others. She is a young artist who is active in the exhibition circuit, and who has outlined an inclination towards textiles since her formative stage. The result that we see in this group of artworks selected for Arte Original comes from a process of analysis that the artist has carried out on the materials. Her work starts from the drawing. From the line of graphite and the stroke of the brush she passed to the line achieved with the thread, reaching new expressive possibilities through weaving on the canvas. The artist comments “I have been developing an investigation that appeals to the sensory experience, the corporality, and the reflection of those who contemplate it, through pure color and line. The fundamental basis of my work is drawing and from it I have generated an entire dreamlike universe of vibrant shapes and colors”.

The textile has been consolidated in contemporary languages, breaking the limitations of the support, but especially the conception of weaving as an activity associated only with the daily and feminine sphere. Many have been the works that have surpassed estimates of this material to become monumental works, such as those of the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. Siul takes her interest to themes that arise from her environment. As she expresses it, she focuses especially on people who have been close, during the Covid quarantine period. She works from small formats on cloth or paper to works of a public nature. “The work is a visual stimulus, and I am not satisfied with the surface of the paper, I go towards the mural, the sculpture, the installation, and the textile. I live in constant search and investigation of media and supports that allow me to develop and grow my aesthetic ideology”.

Among her artistic experiences, her mural interventions stand out in public and private spaces in Caracas, such as the La Hoyada, Subway station, in 2016; the façade of the GBG Arts gallery in 2017; the Quinta Samambaya at the event Un Rayo de Luz para el Jardín Botánico de la UCV, in 2019; as well as her artistic residency at the experimental art center La Macolla Creativa, in 2018.

Anny Bello

In the Studio




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