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Nora Said


Nora Said

  • Born in 1958
  • Painter
  • Style: Lyrical Abstraction
  • Born in Argentina
  • Based in USA
  • Works on commissions

Nora Said is an Argentinian artist residing in Miami, who has more than twenty-five years of production in the art world. Within her training as an artist, she has studied oil painting, acrylic, watercolor and collage, technical knowledge that she has taken advantage of and applied in her work with excellent results.

The artworks that currently represent Nora Said on our platform, are part of her productions titled Serie En algún lugar and Serie Orgánica. En algún lugar, a kind of interior landscape, its technical creation procedure is based on collage. The artist, in a fortuitous and playful way, previously colors the silk papers with a pictorial substance diluted in water and alcohol; then she tears and wrinkles them spontaneously, and without any premeditation she begins her composition process on the canvas, automatically attaching the pieces of paper, like brushstrokes, creating gestural stains of color, thus achieving subtle and transparent chromatic results, close to those of the watercolor; and with the tears, folds and roughness of the paper, marked textures are generated that, together with the color, add visual value to her works, very attractive visual effects.

Her Serie Orgánica is characterized by compositions of practically flat colors, scarcely modulated, circumscribed by sinuous, curved lines, which form irregular, organic, abstract forms, which are intertwined with each other, suggesting entities of the natural world, belonging to the plant and animal kingdom. In front of them, the viewer is free to play with their visual perception and imagination, and associate, recreate or discover figures with movements that grow, expand, sprout, or fly.

In both series the idea of the landscape is the central motif, although in a very subjective way and with different technical and formal procedures.

José Gregorio Noroño

In the Studio




Missura Gallery. Coral Gables, FL. EE.UU.


Sala de exhibiciones de Líneas Aéreas Austral. Exhibición de pinturas sobre seda, Tucumán. Argentina.


“Por amor al arte”. Hispanic Cultural Arts Center. Miami, FL. EE.UU.

→ ArtExpo New York. Pier 36. Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY. EE.UU.

Solution Art Exhibition. Parc Floral, París. Francia.

→ Solution Art Exhibition. House of Nationalities, Moscú. Rusia.

→ “Renacer”. Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, Miami, FL. EE.UU.

→ “Paris Je t’aime”. Solution Art/Galerie Artes, Paris. Francia.


→ “Miami Latinamerican Art”. (Virtual Exhibition). Visual Contemporary Art. EE.UU.

“El encuentro de dos mundos”. Museo Nacional del Tequila, Jalisco. México.

 “Briccola del mare al cielo”. Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, Venecia. Italia.

→ Innovative & Visual Art (Virtual Exhibition). Visual Contemporary Art. EE.UU.

→ Art on Paper. Pier 36, New York, NY. EE.UU.


→ Aqua Art Miami (Miami Art Week). EE.UU.

→ Aqua Hotel, Miami Beach, FL. EE.UU.

Contemporary Art Show. Rivoli Building, París. Francia.

“Somos uno”. North Miami Library. EE.UU

→ “Emozioni in Mostra”. Castel Dell’Ovo, Nápoles. Italia.


Art Contest (Miami Art Week). Miami, FL. EE.UU.


→ Art Hood 56 (Miami Art Week). Miami, FL. EE.UU.


→ Spectrum (Miami Art Week). Miami, FL. EE.UU.

Licensing International Expo 2016. Las Vegas, NV. EE.UU.

→ “Un Solo Corazón. Pintando por Ecuador.” Miami, FL. EE.UU.

→ “Art Power”. Rubin Studio Gallery. Miami, FL. EE.UU.


→ Miami River Art Fair 2015. Miami, FL. EE.UU


→ Sheraton Park Tower Hotel, Buenos Aires. Argentina.


→ “Month of Argentine Culture”. Latin American Art Museum. Miami, FL. EE.UU.


→ Fundación Banco Empresario de Tucumán. Argentina.


→ Taller de C. Legorburu, Tucumán. Argentina.


→ Hotel del Jardín, Tucumán. Argentina.


→ Metropol Hotel, Tucumán. Argentina.


Mención de Honor en Óleo. Sheraton Park Tower Hotel. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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