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Nicole Reiss Rendic


Nicole Reiss Rendic

  • Born in 1965
  • Illustrator
  • Style: Pop Art / Collage
  • Born in Chile
  • Based in Chile
  • Works on commissions

Nicole Reiss Rendic is a Chilean artist (1965). She began her painting and engraving studies with prominent artists such as Carmen Silva Rojas, Félix Lazo and Leonardo Lindermann. She has been part of important collage workshops, during her career she has developed freely as a teacher and artist, always collaborating on multiple art projects.

Her collages are the result of how she assembles her own imaginary on the support, produces a true game between the real and the imaginary, through the superposition of images and free intervention and the use of color. The fusion of opposites: man and nature, sacred and profane, real and fictional, proposes a new passionate reading charged with energy that runs vibrant through her work.

She has been part of numerous collective and individual exhibitions that have toured Chile and abroad in museums, galleries and cultural centers.

Beatriz Palma

Feature Video Artist




“Hieros Gamos”, exposición de grabados. Centro de Artes Casa Naranja, Santiago, Chile


“Los Nombres de D`s”. Sede Wizo, Santiago, Chile.


”Erotizarte”. Centro de Artes Casa Naranja, Santiago, Chile


→ “Del Cielo a la Tierra” exposición de grabado junto a Leonardo Lindermann. Centro Patrimonial Recoleta Domínica, Santiago, Chile


→  “EROTISIMA”. Centro Cultural La Reina, Santiago, Chile


→ “Laberintos de Amor y Erotismo”. Centro Cultural Nemesio Antúnez, Santiago, Chile

→“El jardín del edén” junto a Eduardo Berg. Galería Bosque Nativo, Puerto Varas, Chile


→ “Vientos Mágicos” junto a Claudia Rayment. Hotel Dreams, Punta Arenas, Chile.


→“15×15”. Galería Bazar del Arte. 


→ “El pan de cada día”. Galería Fondo y Forma, Santiago, Chile.


→“Exposición Colectiva de Collage”. Galería Espacio en Tránsito, Santiago, Chile. 

→“Perrazo”. Galería Espacio en Tránsito, Santiago, Chile.

→“Una isla y dos miradas” junto a Eduardo Berg. Enjoy de Castro, Chiloé, Chile Arte. 

→“Una isla y dos miradas”. Museo de las tradiciones Chonchinas , Chiloé – Chonchi, Chile.

→“Feria de artes Spectrum Miami Art District/Wynwood”. Galería SouthTrip, Miami, EE.UU.


Premio: Medalla de oro especialidad grabado. “V concurso de salón internacional Sao Paulo “, SINAP/ AIAP, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

→ Premio: 1°Lugar a la mejor obra de salón. “Exposición Outono”. Cia Arte Cultura, Sao Paulo, Brasil.


→  Premio: 3er lugar en Arte digital. Bienal de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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