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Martha Bravo


Martha Bravo

  • Born in 1969
  • Photographer
  • Style: Landscape / Conceptual art / Surrealism
  • Born in Mexico
  • Based in Spain

Photographer and filmmaker, Martha Bravo (Mexico, 1969) has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Film Sub System at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico D.F. Her wide professional experience includes the direction of television programs in Mexico, Spain and the United States, and the development of a photographic work, which includes artistic subjects -concept photography, landscape-, such as documentary photography, commercial photography, and portraits. Her photographic work has been published in magazines in Panama, the United States, Mexico, and Spain. In 2003, she created the Studio Martha Bravo Photography, S.A. in Miami, which has allowed her an international expansion.

Since 2008 she has dedicated herself to teaching and giving lectures on photography. In 2013, she created Shoot for Hope, a non-profit foundation that allocates the resources obtained from auctions and the sale of photographs to social projects.

In 2015 she obtained the Certified Professional Photographer/ Professional Photographers of America PPA, a guarantee of recognition for the quality of her work. Indeed, the photographic work of Martha Bravo, within the artistic line, has a preference for concept photography, in which imaginary landscapes, created through image editing, prevail. In these illusory places, in the middle of the vastness of solitude, there is always someone on stage, in ‘impossible’ situations, but, above all, playful. The game with nature arises and generates a rhythm of figures, objects, and colors. Another of her thematic lines is the natural landscape, in which she shows the overwhelming presence of natural elements.

She is currently established in Spain, from where she runs her studio and promotes her work.

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“En mi mundo”. España. 


“A través de mi lente”. España 


“Miradas”. México.


“Monocromía”. Panamá.


“PhotoEspaña: Dolor de tierra verde”. España. 

“Curvas”. España. 


“Mi entorno 2020”. España. 

“PhotoEspaña: Ventana a la luz”. España. 

“Pequeño pero importante”. España.

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