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Magdalena Roglich


Magdalena Roglich

  • Born in 1985
  • Painter
  • Style: Figurative / Abstract
  • Born in Argentina
  • Based in Argentina

Magdalena Roglich was born in Tandil, Argentina (1985) and resides in Buenos Aires. Since she was a girl, she decided to study high school with an orientation in design, art and communication. In 2009, she completed her university studies with a degree in Visual Arts, with a specialization in Painting. Since then she has had extensive experience as a teacher in primary, secondary and higher education, also giving guided tours in cultural institutions and teaching art workshops. Currently, she is carrying out her postgraduate studies studying a Specialization in Media and Technologies for Pictorial Production at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes, she manages and teaches in her own workshop and she is dedicated to developing her work.

Despite being very young, she has had a fruitful journey as a visual artist, as she has found an unpublished and recognizable speech and language. Roglich, who has a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge, has been able to define her work and define herself as a creator with great precision. She tells us about her most recent series: “Plegados is a painting project that was born from the need to articulate in my work two apparently opposite but compatible universes, abstraction and figuration (…) I was always interested in the fusion of the opposites and the visual dialogue that arises from that encounter ”.

In the series named Plegados, the paintings exclusively portray origami figures. The artistic proposal of Roglich is truly innovative, precisely because it combines the hyper-realistic trend with the portrait of these objects with angular profiles, straight lines and geometric configurations; by the contemporary gesture of reinterpreting the portrait, bringing sculptural objects to the canvas. The purpose of this artist is carried out from her extraordinary handling of the painting technique and from the choice of an exquisite palette of vibrant colors.

In Levantando vuelo we observe a crane in a geometrized space and in Entre puertos we can see paper boats that sail in abstract waters. So, there is a clear reference to paper sculptures as central characters, but it is remarkable that the artist builds, from them, fascinating universes that can only be conceived from their own dynamics and codes.

Ana Beatriz García

In the Studio




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