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Luz María Fernández


Luz María Fernández Diez

  • Born in 1992
  • Painter
  • Style: Landscape / Figurative Expressionism / Realism / Religious Art
  • Born in Chile
  • Based in Chile
  • Works on commissions

She studied Visual Arts with a specialization in painting at the Universidad Finis Terrae, then took courses with painters, such as Francisco Uzabeaga, Ofelia Andrade, Grace Weinrib, Natalia Babarovic, among others.
She has carried out art direction projects for television, fashion editorials and theatrical productions.

In her artistic research, Luz María has set out to find new visual possibilities through her pictorial work around the figurative and the stain. As a result of this exploration, her series lead us to think about the human being’s gaze on its origin and environment.

Painting becomes the place to explore and create new languages, weaving intriguing scenes through the use of images of religions, cults, animals and landscapes. Flows freely in the use of different supports. Exaggeration, the enigmatic and the abnormal are some of the concepts that are present in the choice of photographic references, that can be analog or digital.

Anny Bello




Jornada de adopción”, Galería Andacollo, Santiago, Chile


→ “Delirio Espiritual”, Galería Imbunche, Santiago, Chile


“En Construcción”. Instituto Chileno Norteamericano, Santiago, Chile.


→ “Festival de la Nostalgia”. Santiago, Chile.


→ “Video Club July”, Proyecto Marisol, Santiago, Chile.

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