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Linda Phillips


Linda Phillips

  • Born in 1979
  • Painter / Photographer
  • Style: Conceptual art
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Colombia
  • Works on commissions

Linda Phillips (1979) is a Venezuelan artist and curator who has lived in Colombia since 2017. In 2005 she graduated in Fine Arts, with a mention in Mixed Media, from the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón (IUESAPAR). In her visual production, Phillips is characterized by conceiving her works using media such as photography, installation, painting, action art and video, resources with which she operates to communicate her ideas, emotions, and feelings in each one of her visual proposals, whose discourses are related to the condition or role of women in our society, as well as the management of history, politics and power in Latin American culture.

Phillips’ artworks presented on this platform are small-format canvases, as well as photographs. The paintings are made with nail polish and acrylic, with irregular frames as an aesthetic ingredient rather than an element of reinforcement or decoration. Through these materials, particularly nail polish, using a discourse with a minimalist and conceptual orientation, where the idea prevails as the motive for the work, Phillips suggests the notion of femininity, but a femininity that goes beyond its embellishment as woman, rather her intention is to point out the femininity affected by submission, alienation and violence, a situation from which the artist does not escape, obviously. In the case of her photographs, the theme of violence becomes more evident in the sequence of fragments of stigmatized female bodies, attacked with words that allude to the woman’s being as a sexual object.

The other photographs can be related to the role of history, politics, and power in the Latin American sphere. Through them, the artist intends to reflect on the ways in which power operates in our society.

José Gregorio Noroño

In the Studio




“Sin héroes ni tropas”. Galería Casa Echandía, Bogotá. Colombia. 


La batalla del Rodeo”. Galería EL Anexo Arte Contemporáneo, Caracas. Venezuela.


Acción performática.  Pithoprakta Banheiro, São Paulo. Brasil.

Festival de Nuevos Medios de Miami.  Edición XVI. EE.UU.

Salón Primavera. Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Turismo de Cajicá. Colombia.


Festival de Nuevos Medios de Miami Edición XV. EE.UU.


Festival de vídeo arte Nodos Ccs. 5ta edición, Barcelona. España. 

Abstracción Sensible: Philips-Moses y Delponte (Venz, EE.UU y Arg.). Galería Jacob Karpio, Bogotá. Colombia. 


Mirada fraterna, Galería Municipal de Duitama. Colombia.


38 Salón Nacional de Arte Aragua. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Maracay. Venezuela. 


Arte-Proceso. Sala RG-I y RG-II del Centro de Estudios Latinoamericano (CELARG), Caracas. Venezuela.


Medidas variables. Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas. Venezuela. 


Salón Juan Lovera. Fundación Banco Industrial de Venezuela, Caracas. Venezuela.


Bolsa de Trabajo por Culturama y Galería Municipal de Duitama. Colombia. 


→ Mención Honorífica en Dibujo “Jacobo Borges”. Salón Juan Lovera Banco Industrial de Venezuela, Caracas. Venezuela.

Premio Tridimensional XII Concurso de Arte y Pintura “Deja Vu” Kores, Caracas. Venezuela.


Mención Especial. Salón XXXIX de Pintura Ateneo de Carúpano. Venezuela.

Mención Especial. Salón Faber-Castell XI, Caracas. Venezuela.


Mención Honorífica en Dibujo “Jacobo Borges”. Salón Juan Lovera. Banco Industrial de Venezuela. Caracas. Venezuela. 

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