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Kristy Hernández


Kristy Hernández

  • Born in 1994
  • Painter
  • Style: Expressionism
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Argentina

Kristy Hernández (Mérida, 1994) is a young Venezuelan artist, currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Visual Arts and a Higher University Technician in Graphic Design, both diplomas awarded by the Universidad de Los Andes. She has explored drawing, painting, illustration, engraving, photography, collage, art-book and sculpture; However, the selection presented by Arte Original is made up of her most recent pictorial work.

Her work could be identified as expressionist. Hernández uses line and color to express temperament and emotion. From thick, material and loose brushstrokes, of great expressive force, she builds lines, shapes, shadows and lights. Her color palette is dominated by earths and ocher, but cold tones underlie that complicate the haunting and dramatic atmosphere of her work.

The artist declares that in her pictorial production “she mainly addresses the theme of the human figure as an inspiration, followed by nature and movement”. The theme is always the female nude. A nude that appears unfolded. Just as the artists who belonged to Futurism tried to visually represent the dynamism of modern cities, Hernández imitates the exercise by presenting her figures in a sequence, to evoke movement. A bodily movement but also emotional, existential, spiritual, of the psyche. This work shows the creative significance of the artist’s inner world, with which she crystallizes her own narratives, from her human condition, as a woman and a migrant, that moves, that is in transition, that evolves and transforms.

The women portrayed pose in the manner of workshop models, but there are no imitative intentions in the representation. There are formal distortions that refer us to its expressive character and erotic dimension. The woman, the protagonist of the scene, is in an intimate moment and space, she contorts, bends, folds, retracts or lies down, takes organic postures, sometimes challenging, exploring, contemplating or enjoying.




“Desnuda en movimiento”. Galería Aurora. Espacio de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“Unidos”. Centro de Arte Casa Bosser, Mérida, Venezuela.


 “A casa abierta”. Galería La Otra Banda, Mérida, Venezuela. 


 “Ecos”. Galería The Clouds, Mérida, Venezuela.


“2021”. Galería Bar de Fondo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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