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Iván Romero


Iván Romero

  • Born in 1973
  • Painter
  • Style: Landscape / Free Abstraction
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Iván Romero (San Félix, Venezuela, 1973) is an artist dedicated to painting. His work of expressionist spirit presents a powerful emotional relationship with the action of painting. The artist explains: “I evoke what I have experienced and I paint from memory, from emotion and feeling. These pieces are born bathed in white and love, in red and cherry, in blue and sky, in gray and mist, in silver and river”. The passion for travel and the interiorization of the landscape as a central element of his painting is expressed in the large formats on which he works on. In the large canvases he unfolds with primal frenzy the quick and vigorous brushstrokes, achieving a pictorial event. The result is a chromatic abstraction, a phenomenological and encompassing impression of nature. The landscape of foliage, branches, trees, mountains, is transformed into spots, points, frames and atmospheres, in which the artist’s voice is fundamental. “I usually sit down to study the shapes, the structures, the colors and fix them in my head. After contemplation comes meditation, a very intimate way of making what I observe melt and fade in my consciousness. Charged with all that material and information, I go to my workspace and evoke all that, I connect with the work in progress to slowly empty myself onto the support and thus the experience of what has been lived materializes from the ethereal and diffuse to become a painting”.

Ivan Romero is a graduate of the Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte), with participation in group exhibitions in Venezuela, Colombia, London, the United States , and Belgium. His work is represented in public institutions such as the Alejandro Otero Museum in Caracas, Juan Astorga Anta Museum of Modern Art in Mérida, Banco Industrial de Venezuela Foundation in Caracas, Connecticut Museum of Latin American Art in Grotton, USA and the National Open University in Caracas.

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“Perpetuación del primogénito”. Itinerante a la Dirección de Cultura y Bellas Artes del Estado, Galería Manuel Osorio Velasco en San Cristóbal y Casa de la Cultura Pepe Melani en La Grita, Venezuela.  


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Gran Premio X Salón Armando Reverón”, Mérida, Venezuela.

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