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Fabio Torres


Fabio Torres

  • Born in 1961
  • Painter
  • Style: Cubism
  • Born in Colombia
  • Based in Colombia
  • Works on commissions

Fabio Torres (1961) is a Colombian artist graduated as a Publicist from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá. For several years he designed and illustrated album and book covers, in addition to working in the area of image and advertising consulting. Although he considers himself a self-taught artist, his love for photography and painting motivated him to take private classes with artists from his country and art workshops at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

All that experience and artistic sensibility, Torres has put into practice in his visual production, which he has developed since 1980, but with greater impetus and dedication he has done so from 2017 to the present, a period in which he has produced several series entitled Scandal newspapers (Periódicos de escándalo), Más Karas, Windows of the soul (Ventanas del alma) and Imagination, graphic readings (Lecturas gráficas), to whose recent series belong the group of works represented on our platform, in which Torres develops with more mastery and precision constant elements in his work such as color, texture, collage and geometric shapes; and even his figures, in this production, tend to be more abstract, demanding more attention from the viewer to put together that kind of puzzle that the artist offers to his calculating mind and imagination.

In a very personal way, Torres conceives his compositions inspired by cubism; that is to say, through the analysis and synthesis procedure, he fragments the body of the figures into geometric forms, whose parts he represents in the same plane by juxtaposition and superposition, which allows a figure to be seen from various points of view; for example, a face can be seen from the front, from the side, and all the way to the back at the same time. Similarly, Torres makes use of collage by incorporating newspaper clippings and other extra-pictorial elements. As a non-Cubist procedure, but as a personal ingredient, Torres in some cases stains, splashes and lets the paint drip.

José Gregorio Noroño

In the Studio




Art-Basel-Inspire Rawlins Gallery. Miami EE.UU


Ministerio de Trabajo. Bogotá. Colombia            


Galería Café Frankachela. Bogotá. Colombia          

Galería Carta Abierta. Bogotá. Colombia 

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