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Ender Rodríguez


Ender Rodríguez

  • Born in 1972
  • Painter
  • Style: Figurative Expressionism
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela
  • Works on commissions

Ender Rodríguez, a graduate in Education, is a Venezuelan artist, based in San Cristóbal, Táchira. He is characterized by being a multidisciplinary creator, since in his artistic work he puts into practice mixed media such as drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, poetry, video, and action art (performance), using all kinds of materials and taking advantage of their expressive possibilities.

When Rodríguez says: “I paint as if triggering”, we infer that he, in front of his blank supports, canvas or paper, somehow acts as an action artist. In his creative process he puts into practice all his load of vital and artistic experiences. Rodríguez leads us to remember the German artist Joseph Beuys, for whom “every act is a work of art”; in his opinion art and life are a single entity. In Ender Rodríguez something of the spirit of this German artist can be seen.

Our Venezuelan artist proposes to put art into action through controversial and ironic acts, whose visual and conceptual treatment shakes the viewer and leads him to think and question the behavior of any established system: political, social, religious, and artistic. He has been persistent in the ideas and concepts that support his aesthetic proposal, in which, formally, color and expressive, gestural brushwork prevail; the disproportionate figures, deformed to the grotesque level, ingredients that, together with the appropriation and reinterpretation of icons that refer to national and international art, he uses to question the classic concept of good taste and beauty. In this sense, his work can also be related to Bad Painting, a figurative pictorial movement that emerged in the 70s in the United States. But it is clear that Rodríguez, regardless of the stylistic associations we can make with his work, has created a very personal style.

José Gregorio Noroño

In the Studio




“Venecollages”. Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira. Muro Líquido. Colombia.


“Mirada múltiple”. Ateneo de Churuguara, Falcón. Venezuela. 


“Del origen”. Gallería Villalón, Barquisimeto.  Venezuela.


“Retrospectiva uno”, Ateneo del Táchira. Venezuela.


 Art Mutation. Gallery Die Bededuenfnisanstalt, Hamburgo. Alemania  


Miami New Media. Festival Continuo Latidoaméricano. EE.UU

Web-performance Internacional de Hexxyduxxybox, Obra: “Pandemic”. India 

Dislocada–Dislocated. Videoperformance. México 

Salón Internacional “Solo Pintura. Universidad de Caldas. Colombia 

Art Mutation On Line, Art Campaign of Ana La Claque. EE.UU


Intrepid Art. II Encuentro Multidisciplinar Arte Digital. C. Aravaca. España


Curare Alterno. Colectivo Deslineaos, Pereira. Colombia.


Emplazamiento tierra. Casa de las artes La Ronda, Quito. Ecuador.


Oscar Libre. Campaña activista de Arte correo. Puerto Rico.  

NIO 03. 3era Muestra Internacional de Videoarte, Pereira. Colombia, 


Proyecto Múltiplo. Centro Cultural São Paulo. Brasil.

Festival Internacional de Performance INDEPENDENCE. Rep. Dominicana.

No más dictaduras. Exposición de arte correo. Uruguay.


To the unknown migrant, The Immigrant Movement International Team. EEUU.


Proyecto Última frontera. Fotoseptiembre. Malquerida PhotoGallery. México.


→ ARTEVA. 1era Mega intervención urbana en Varela. Argentina.


Etnia V. Festival de Arte Latinoamericano, Bruselas. Bélgica.

Salón Nacional “Juan Lovera”, Maracay, Aragua. Venezuela.

Muestra de Arte Postal ”Ciudad de Ceuta”, Museo del Revellín.  España.


Convocatoria Internacional DUCHAMPiana. Galería Moto. Chile.


7ma Muestra documentales y fotografías de América Latina. Albacete. España.

Salón Nacional de Fotografía Seguros Catatumbo. Museo Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia, Maracaibo. Venezuela.


Orden “Valentín Hernández” del Estado Táchira, Museo de Artes Visuales y del Espacio MAVET. Venezuela.


Mención de Honor en el 1er Salón Nacional de Arte Universitario, UCV, Caracas. Venezuela. 

Premio Publicación. Salón de Fotografía “Metros de Ciudad”, Zulia. Venezuela. 


Primer Premio. II Concurso Fotográfico Fundación Paso a Paso, Caracas. Venezuela. 

Premio Salón Binacional “Rotary Club”, San Cristóbal, Táchira. Venezuela.


Mención Nuevo Talento. 1er. Certamen de Crítica de Arte, IAIME, Caracas. Venezuela 

Mención Honorífica. 1er. Salón de Artes Visuales M AVET, Táchira. Venezuela. 


Mención Nacional Honorífica. “Innovatividad en Arte” EUREKA-UNIVERSIA, Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas. Venezuela. 


Mención Estímulo. Concurso de Fotografía “Imágen del Táchira”, Galería Sin Límite, Banco Baninvest, San Cristóbal. Venezuela.

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