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Edwin García


Edwin García

  • Born in 1984
  • Graphic Artist
  • Style: Minimalism
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Argentina
  • Works on commissions

Edwin García is a Venezuelan artist, based in Argentina. In his academic training he has studied visual arts, education and museology. As a visual artist, he has been trained in the area of graphic arts, a field in which he has technically developed traditional and contemporary engraving to make his artistic compositions, using procedures such as xylography, dry point, lithography, collagraphy, photolithography and mokulito (novel procedure, which combines the chemical principles of traditional lithography with xylography), taking advantage of these procedures for their expressive and reproduction possibilities.

The theme of this series, Devenir, “addresses the perception of the landscape through the ephemeral and elusive of memory and the passage of time and how the latter alters the appearances of things in the environment that we know as the ‘real’ or objective world, in continuous connection with the emotional dimension with which it is seen”, explains García.

His visual discourse, formally and conceptually, we could say that it is close to the minimalist trend, since he operates with an economy of language, of expressive resources, and reduction of forms, almost to the essential, that allow him to metaphorize his idea related with “the fragmented and unfinished, of a place that is changing and that never ends being”. Hence, we see in his minimalist graphics diffuse, blurred images, in empty spaces, barely outlined by lines, stains, lights and shadows, where from the chromatic point of view black, gray and white predominate. By reducing the excesses of the landscape and the elements of visual expression, this artist manages to awaken in the viewer an aesthetic emotion of calm, tranquility, and sublimity.

José Gregorio Noroño

In the Studio




“Devenir”. Espacio Proyecto Libertad, Mérida. Venezuela.


“Transmigración”. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Galería La Otra Banda-Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida. Venezuela.

→ “Muestra fotográfica”. Fototeca del Táchira, San Cristóbal. Venezuela. 


→ “Re-Miradas”. Centro de Arte y Diseño, Mérida. Venezuela.


“Devenires del Yo”. Galería Red de Arte, Mérida. Venezuela.


International Contemporary Engraving Biennial N-E. Iasi. Rumania.

Hommage à trois. Associació Internacional Duana de les Arts AIDA, Barcelona. España.

4th International Online Art Exhibition.  Nirantar Art Group. India.

MiniPrint AMA. Taller de Arte Múltiple Argentino AMA, Buenos Aires. Argentina.

20º Lessedra World Art Print Annual. Mini Print 2021. Lessedra Art  Gallery, Sofía. Bulgaria.


Impresiones Latinas. Centro de Grabado Nugrato. Brasil.

VI On Paper Contest, Barcelona. España. 


18° Lessedra World Art Print Annual Mini Print 2019. Lessedra Art Gallery, Sofia. Bulgaria.  

Bienal Internacional de Grabado Premio Acqui Terme. Acqui Terme. Italia. 

V Bienal Internacional de Gravura Livio Abramo, Araraquara. Brasil.


Australian Print Triennial, Mildura. Australia.

Mini Print Internacional Entre Ríos, Paraná. Argentina. 

17º Lessedra World Art Print Annual Mini Print 2018. Lessedra Art Gallery, Sofia. Bulgaria. 


4ta Exposición Internacional de Gráfica Contemporánea. Taller La Huella, Piedecuesta. Colombia. 

Miniestampa TGB- eMe, Ciudad de México. México. 

37° Mini Print Internacional de Cadaqués. España.


Salón Armando Reverón. Museo de Arte Moderno de Mérida. Mérida, Venezuela. 

Mini Print Internacional de Paraná 2016. Argentina.

3era Bienal Nacional de Artes Gráficas. Museo Carlos Cruz Diez, Caracas. Venezuela.

3er Concurso Internacional de Grabado Garza Papel, Alcoy. España.


Dibujantes. Casa de Estudios Literarios y Artísticos Rómulo Gallegos CELARG, Caracas. Venezuela.

VI Salón de Pintura Universitaria Elsa Gramcko. Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia. Venezuela.

Splitgraphic. Online Galerija. Croacia


Mención Honorífica. Hommage à trois. Associació Internacional Duana de les Arts, Barcelona. España.


Highly Commended Award. Australian Print Triennial. The Art Vault and La Trobe University, Mildura. Australia. 

Orden Dr. Rafael Chuecos Pogiolli en Primera Clase por méritos artísticos internacionales. Vicerrectorado Académico ULA, Mérida. Venezuela. 


Mención Honorífica por la Promoción de las Artes Gráficas de Venezuela. MiniEstampa TGB – eMe, Ciudad de México. México.

Mención Honorífica. Salón de Arte de la Asociación de Profesores de la Universidad de Los Andes APULA, Mérida. Venezuela.


Mención Honorífica en la 3era Bienal Nacional de Artes Gráficas. Museo del Diseño y la Estampa Carlos Cruz Diez, Caracas. Venezuela.


Segundo Premio. 2° Salón Binacional de Fotografía Simón Bolívar, San Cristóbal. Venezuela.

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