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Daniel Casique


Daniel Casique

  • Born in 1982
  • Painter
  • Style: Figurative / Surrealism
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Daniel Casique (Venezuela, 1982) is an agricultural engineer. His training in visual arts is self-taught. Since 2000 he has dedicated himself to painting and illustration. In this initial period, two recurring themes can be seen, the portrait and the landscape, made with pastels, charcoal, acrylic or oil. In these early years he dedicated himself to workshop work, to the craft of painting, progressing enormously in mastering the elements of visual expression, and very especially in clarifying his language as an artist. Much later, the portrait and the landscape that appeared separate, begin to be coupled in the same work. With both elements he creates a universe of compositional and thematic relationships, in which the concept of his work takes on greater strength. His proposal hits the theme of identity, in proposing compositions in which he exposes the blurring of the ‘I’ in the middle of interior scenes or natural environments.

In the artworks that we present in Arte Original, he resorts to the development of illusory environments, always with a central character, who no longer has a face. Only the whole body can be seen of him, whose clothing and pose build up the psychological idea of ​​the anonymous character, affected by the exterior. The visual strength of the main character is sometimes given by a perspective that brings the focus of attention to the center or in the display of surfaces stamped with arabesques or vegetation, with meticulous detail and rich pictorial quality.

The exhibition activity of Daniel Casique has been mostly between Colombia and Venezuela. It is part of private collections in Colombia, Spain, and the United States.

Anny Bello

In the Studio




Museo de Artes Visuales y de Espacio – MAVE. San Cristóbal, Venezuela.

3era edición de “El arte se subasta por una sonrisa”. Fundación Amigos del Hospital San Juan de Dios en alianza con Fundación Telefónica Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela.

Quinta Lis. San Cristóbal, Venezuela.


Feria Expovive. Cúcuta,  Departamento Norte de Santander, Colombia.


Galería de Arte Getsemaní. Exposición permanente. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Galería Rodrigo Gómez. Exposición permanente. Barranquilla, Colombia.


Galería Elsa Piñeres – Feria Sie7e 5inco. Exposición virtual para reunir fondos para ayudar económicamente a artistas en situación vulnerable en tiempos de covid19. Barranquilla, Colombia.

“Subasta para los artistas”. Subasta virtual de la Galería AH Fine Art. Medellín, Colombia.


Galería Elsa Piñeres – Feria Sie7e 5inco, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Galería Elsa Piñeres – Feria Sie7e 5inco. Barranquilla, Colombia.


 Mención Especial en el VII Concurso de Arte 2005 de Faber Castell. Caracas, Venezuela.


Selección final en el IX Concurso de Pintura Fundación Dr. Pablo Puky. San Cristóbal, Venezuela.


Selección final en el 1er. I Salón de Artes Visuales Barinas. Instituto Autónomo de la Cultura del Estado Barinas y el Museo de Los Llanos – MULLA. Barinas, Venezuela.

Selección final en el Premio de Arte Carelis “Espejos de un tiempo”. Maracay, Venezuela.

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