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Cesar Bello


Cesar Bello

  • Born in 1955
  • Painter
  • Style: Free Abstraction
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

César Bello (Venezuela 1955) is an architect graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, who has devoted himself to painting in parallel throughout his professional career. He studied painting and had individual lessons with Maestro Otano in his art workshop where he perfected the technique of charcoal, oil and pastel painting.

His visual work revolves around two aspects of the landscape, the figurative and the abstract, but always based on the construction of colored modules, sometimes with geometric or organic shapes.

It is characteristic of this work that the artist makes the shapes freehand. His intention is not the perfection of the line, but, precisely, that the free line is observed within a compositional framework full of color and figures that are formed in a visible dynamic relationship between them.

As part of his abstract proposal is the series Pueblos de luz, in which there is a fabric of figurines in different sizes, directions and colors on the entire surface, a horror vacui that maintains a harmonic rhythm between all its elements.

In the figurative work, he develops the series Una mirada al Ávila, in which he has his study center in the well-known Caracas mountain. For this series he creates the shape of the mountain, in different shades of green and other contrasting colors, which accentuate the effect of shadows and lights of the land. For the background of the landscape and the foreground, sky and city, respectively, he uses an abstract style. This mix of styles adds an eye-catching stamp to his work.

Anny Bello




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