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Bruno García


Bruno García

  • Born in 1965
  • Painter
  • Style:Figurative
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Bruno García is a Venezuelan artist (1965, Falcón, Venezuela) trained at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Cristóbal Rojas in Caracas (1986-1992). In his plastic language, he gathers archaeological and ancestral elements related to the sacred, the force, the divinity and the supernatural, as generators of legends and mythological contents, to whose mysteries he incessantly returns. Likewise, as an heir to the drawing boom in Venezuela, his style is defined by the energetic line, mastery of anatomy and the expressionism of forms. For this reason, the series presented, Bestia sagrada, Guerreros sagrados and Arquetipo levitante, with their respective variants, have the same identity in their development.

The equestrian theme has had a long tradition in the history of western art. Garcia takes it up with a very contemporary twist. Many of his ‘beasts’ appear upright, in a hieratic position, with contained strength, chromatically decomposed, with brushstrokes and voids. For the artist Sacred Beast is a “dialogue through visual arts with archetypes, with primitive representations of force, with symbols that animate the vigor of the human spirit; animals that represent power and sacredness… but at the same time are domesticated and subdued. I try to remind the viewer of our human and divine nature”.

At other times the Amazons ride on the beasts, in a symbiosis of forces to face the battle. Sacred warriors “is the cult of the hero, it is the permanent tribute to the warrior’s aptitude and bravery of the hero … in the face of his divine circumstances” While in the series Levitating Archetypes he represents “arcane images of remote times … fallen warriors, sensual figures”.

García is an artist with a long and recognized career, committed to the craft of painting, with a clear and coherent aesthetic concept in all his production, and an outstanding presence in the national and international exhibition circuit, that has earned him national recognition and also outside of the country.

Anny Bello

In the Studio




Monumento a la memoria”. Galería de Arte Contemporáneo Tito Salas, Caracas, Venezuela.


La unea mítica”. Galería Imperial, Caracas, Venezuela.


“Bestiarium”. Galería de Arte y Artesanía, Caracas, Venezuela.


→ “Demiourgos”. Museo Trapiche de los Navas, Trujillo, Venezuela.


→ “Penzetaroi – Hetaroi. Galería Art and Craft, Caracas, Venezuela.


→ “Dibujos”. Club Bahía, Falcón, Venezuela.


→ “Mítica y poética de Bruno García”. Galería Punto de Arte, Caracas, Venezuela.


Las sagradas bestias”. Galería Altamira, Bogotá, Colombia.


→ “Las bestias sagradas”. Arte Latino, Ginebra, Suiza.


→ “Arquetipos, forma y seducción”. Galería Utopía 19, Caracas, Venezuela.

→ “Uneas, vestigios y poemas”. Galería M.M. Dao Art, Valencia, Venezuela.


→ “Mythical Figuration”. Salón Restaurante Buono Café, Caracas, Venezuela.


→ “Arqueología de lo arcano”. Magnolia Fine Arts Gallery, Madrid, España.

→ “Los arquetipos levitantes”. Centro de Arte La Estancia Paraguaná, Venezuela.


Feria Internacional de Arte lndependiente de Madrid. Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo, España.


→ “Trayectorias 2008”. Galería de Bristo, Tabasco, México.


→ “American International”. Women’s Club, Ginebra, Suiza.


→ “Bloque de arte”. Pensilvania, Estados Unidos.

→  “Colección de arte latinoamericano”. Galería Altamira, Bogotá, Colombia.

“Colors of the South Artlatin”. American Gallery, Nueva York, Estados Unidos.


“Diálogo 365”. Pennsylvania, Estados Unidos.

“Canadian Fall Exhibition”. Galería Altamira, Vancouver, Canadá.


IX Feria de Arte y Antigüedades de Maracaibo. Centro de Arte Lía Bermúdez, Zulia, Venezuela.


Visiones de un territorio”. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Coro, Falcón, Venezuela.


El alma del Caribe. Colección de arte latinoamericano”. Düsseldorf, Alemania.

→ ArtExpo International Art Fair. New York, Estados Unidos.


“Colores de América Latina”.  Galería Altamira, Bogotá, Colombia.


3er Premio Lagoven, en el XXI Salón Anual de Arte de Paraguaná, Falcón, Venezuela.


→ Medalla de Oro en el XIII Salón Internacional de Herouville, Castillo de Beauregard Normandía, Francia.


→ Premio Iberoamericano Electa Arenal, Festival de la Cultura lberoamericana, Holguín, Cuba.


→ Premio Maestro Domingo Chávez, Día Internacional del Artista Plástico, Fundación Bariquia, Falcón, Venezuela.


→ Monumento escultórico Los sagrados caquetíos y pintura mural realizada en Punto Fijo en homenaje a la ciudad, patrocinado por la Municipalidad, estado Falcón, Venezuela.

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