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Arnaldo Delgado


Arnaldo Delgado

  • Born in 1979
  • Painter
  • Style: Neo Expressionism
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela
  • Works on commissions

Arnaldo Delgado (Venezuela, 1979), lives and works in Mérida. He has a degree in Visual Arts, graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela, where he works as a teacher in the area of Drawing. From 1997 to these days, he has carried out several workshops on painting, drawing, graphics, illustration, photography, installation and audiovisual media. Towards 2005 he carried out an internship with the visual artists Octavio Russo and Víctor Hugo Irazábal, in the painting workshop of the Instituto Superior de Arte Armando Reverón.

This experience, in his training as a visual artist, is combined in the realization of his work, as he himself lets us know when declaring that in his “creative process he alludes to a search and open investigation in visual arts, emphasizing the creation of an imaginary in which experimental figuration prevails as a playful creative process, characterized by the use of the techniques of drawing, painting and illustration, until the confluence of different media or disciplines permeable for hybridization (action, animation, video, concept and installation)… ”.

Stylistically, the portraits of Arnaldo Delgado remind us of the neo-expressionist artistic movement, since their faces, almost in a very close-up, distort them, disfigure them until they reach the grotesque, the carnival, giving them a touch of cruelty, irony, horror and madness, through a broad, expressive, gestural brushstroke, and the contrast of tones and textures.

In the Studio



Individual Exhibitions


“Líneas del Silencio”. Galería L´ Imaginaire de la Alianza Francesa, Mérida. Venezuela.


 “Navigants du silence, les 1001 histoires”. Espacios de Le Filet, Marsella. Francia.


“Líneas del Silencio, Figuración experimental”. Sala NG del CELARG, Caracas. Venezuela.

“Rastros Heterogéneos”. Tovar Galería de Arte, Mérida. Caracas.


→ “Sombras del silencio”. Galería La Otra Banda. Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida. Caracas.


 “Fisionómica del silencio”. Galería La Otra Banda. Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida. Venezuela.

“Gabinete de Rostros”, Cevam, Mérida. Venezuela.

Collective Exhibitions (Selection)


“Donde cabemos todos”. XIII Salón Supercable Jóvenes con Fia. Centro Cultural Corp Group, Caracas. Venezuela.

“35 Salón Nacional de Arte de Aragua. Museo de arte Contemporáneo Mario Abreu, Maracay. Venezuela.

“La Pantalla y el Marco. I Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo”, ULA, Mérida. Venezuela.


“Naturaleza viva: Papel y fibras de Venezuela”. VI Bienal Internacional De Arte Textil Xalapa. México.


 “Arte Venezolano en la República Checa”. Dallmayr Kaffee Gallery, Praga. República Checa. 


“Tramaturas”. Dallmayr Kaffee Gallery, Praga. República Checa.


“Aproximación al espacio”. Taller-exposición con Magdalena Fernández. Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida. Venezuela.


→  “Muestra expositiva 232”. Espacio Libertad, Recuperadora Latina, Mérida. Venezuela. 


“Latente, arte dmergente venezolano, Hacienda La Trinidad, parque cultural, Caracas. Venezuela.


“Salón Internacional de arte miniatura, BR/San Felipe”. Museo Taminango, Pasto. Colombia.



Tercer lugar en la V Bienal de Artes para estudiantes de la U.L.A, Modalidad Performance.  Mérida. Venezuela. 


Primer Premio en pintura “Salón Armando Reverón”, Mérida. Venezuela


Premio en pintura Salón Artes Visuales Ciudad de Coro y el Caribe. Museo de Arte de Coro. Venezuela. 

Premio Ángel Vivas Arias. 31 Salón Nacional de Arte de Aragua. Casa de la Cultura de Maracay. Venezuela.


Mención de honor Salón Nacional Banco Caroní, Caracas. Venezuela.


→ Premio Manuel de la Fuente. IV Salón de Arte de Occidente. C.A.C Galería La Otra Banda, Mérida. Venezuela.

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