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Ángela Scavo


Ángela Scavo

  • Born in 1977
  • Photogapher
  • Style: Conceptual / Portrait
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela
  • Works on commissions

Ángela Scavo (1977) is a Venezuelan visual artist specialized in mixed media. In her academic training we find that she graduated -in 2005- from the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón, IUESAPAR, Caracas, with the title of Bachelor of Visual Arts, mention Painting, she has also studied graphic arts, sculpture, photography, pottery, and multimedia.

The technique that Scavo uses to produce her visual discourse consists of photography and digital collage, whose images she prints in acrylic and then encapsulates or puts in small boxes. In her current production she has placed special interest in the female figure, which becomes the protagonist and recurrent in her compositions. Scavo self-portraits and intervenes her image with intertwined foliage (arabesques), texts and masks, using images of people, animals and objects, outstanding elements that, paradoxically, veil and reveal her.

Scavo lets us know what her intention is, through the visual language with which she operates to conceive her compositions, by saying that:

“Through the appropriation of images, photography, video, and collage, I have found the appropriate media to develop a reflexive exercise with which I build a self-portrait that goes beyond what is apparent. (…) flexible, mobile, open to multiple and constant transformations, (…) that not only looks at myself, but also at others, with a special interest in my congeners, wanting to recognize them in myself”.

We notice in her conceptual intention a kind of otherness, which consists in alternating the position of the “I” with that of the “other”. In the case of Scavo it is like discovering herself through the other, and the other, through her, from her own introspection. And although in this exercise there is a game that shifts between individuality, duality, or multiplicity, Scavo curiously includes a text in two of her compositions that says: “Still me”. In other words, despite everything, she is still her: appearances and authenticity.

José Gregorio Noroño

In the Studio




“Inventario otra vez”. Alianza Francesa. Caracas. Venezuela 

“Breve”. Museo Alejandro Otero. Caracas. Venezuela


“Tripulantes del caracol II”. Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas. Venezuela 


“Primer Salón de Arte Postal”. MR Contemporáneo. Aragua. Venezuela 


“Temporaria”. Museo Jacobo Borges. Caracas. Venezuela. 


Salón Municipal de las Artes Visuales Juan Lovera. Sala Juan Lovera. Caracas. Venezuela. 


IV Salón Dycvensa Ciudad, Espacio y tiempo. CELARG. Caracas. Venezuela 


“Punto medio eclecticismo estético. Espacio Daukaba. Caracas. Venezuela 


“En el Borde de la pintura”. Pdvsa La Estancia. Caracas. Venezuela


“El Otro Rock Festival”. CELARG. Caracas. Venezuela 


“Antes/Durante/ Después”. La Sagrera. Barcelona. España 


Boom Art Community. Sala virtual/Movimiento Efímero. Francia-España

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