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Ángel Mieres


Ángel Mieres

  • Born in 1980
  • Painter
  • Style: Landscape
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Angel Mieres’ work (Caracas, 1980), has the rose as the main character which has an artistic, historic, and cultural meaning. He represents the flower with gentleness, ephemeral condition, and fragility. With the powerful meaning of this image, he has found the best way to express a rich, inner world of spiritual concerns, “there are some days where we should be able to find the best way to look at the beauty of our environment, of settling the love and keeping it.”

A flower, especially the rose, with its perfect balance between the petalus and the thorns, is a conciliator reference of regeneration that involves universal values such as love, hope, peace, and joy. This proposal settles in the powerful transformer of creativity over vulnerability, during periods of time where difficult contradictions take place. The bubbles and butterflies, also common in the artist’s work, remind us of the briefness of existence, and reaffirm the magic of enjoying intensity. For Mieres, his roses are “a little shy, without much boasting, that is how my flowers are.” Whether lonely or in a group, with long and thin stems, they show up suspended over a background of expressive, colorful brushes, which develop emotional and affective associations.

This artist has a special tendency to poetry, and the efficiency of the word that comes with the image. That’s why many of his artworks show words and phrases that turn into anchors that explain their motives. The union between painting and writing in a composition, guides to a deeper perception of the topic. He studied in the School of Art Cristobal Rojas in Caracas. Mieres has numerous individual exhibitions in Venezuela (2004), Costa Rica (2008), and the USA (2009). He also has collective exhibitions in the aforementioned locations, alongside countries like Puerto Rico, Russia, Panama, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Colombia. In 1999, he won the scholarship for the Art Institute of Bournemouth in England, and also won honorable Mention in the Young Artists’ Hall Hector Poleo in Caracas. A year later, he obtained the First Award from the American Airlines Hall in New York.

“There are some days where we should be able to find the best way to look at the beauty of our environment, of settling the love and keeping it.”

Anny Bello

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→ “Colors & Love”. Exposición virtual, Baez Gallery.


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“Breast Cancer Fundraiser, race for the cure American Airlines”. Dallas, Estados Unidos.


“Business Council for the Arts Gala”. Dallas, Estados Unidos.


→ “Show Stellar”. Curator Voice Art Pooject, Miami, Estados Unidos.

→ “Latin America Winter”. Rubín Gallery, Moscú, Rusia.


→ “Beyound boundaries”. Gallery C, Carolina del Norte, Estados Unidos.

→ “From the natura”. Benheim Gallery, Connecticut, Estados Unidos.


→ “Femineidad”. Asociación Venezolana de Artistas Plásticos-AVAP, Caracas, Venezuela.

→ “Encuentro 2016. 18 artistas venezolanos en España”. Magnolias Fine Art, Madrid, España.

→ “Art in the Avenue 2016”. Greenwich, Connecticut, Estados Unidos.

→ “Venezolanos celebran su libertad”. Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano, Houston, Estados Unidos.

→ “Preámbulo 25 artistas”. Galería de Arte la Florida, Caracas, Venezuela.


Mención Honorífica, Salón de Jóvenes Artistas Héctor Poleo, Caracas, Venezuela.

Beca para cursar estudios en el Instituto de Arte de Bournemouth, Londres, Inglaterra.


Primer Premio Salón American Airlines, New York.

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