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Andrea Plaza Carrasco


Andrea Plaza Carrasco (ANPLAC)

  • Born in 1976
  • Painter / Illustrator
  • Style: Conceptual / Illustration / Pop Art / Landscape
  • Born in Argentina
  • Based in France
  • Works on commissions

Andrea Plaza Carrasco was born in 1976, in Buenos Aires city from Chilean parents.

Anplac is a ceramist, painter, fashion designer and entrepreneur based in France. His first approach and real interest in art was to explore ceramics and specifically by studyng pre-Hispanic ceramics history in Chile and Argentina. She continues to explore ceramics in objects that oscillate between the utilitarian, the illustration on utilitarian pieces and the naif sculpture.

She began to paint murals during her studies of Fine Arts in the streets of Valparaiso then drifts the large brushstrokes on the walls to focus on large recycled fabrics in the privacy of her studio while thinking of the capture of nature and more precisely to defend an awareness of ecology.

In 2010, she launched her own independent fashion brand “La Coliflor” exploring original clothing made and hand painted, seeking that her collections are always inspired by nature and its protection. Since 2012, she has co-founded a total of two start-ups in Chile and Portugal, working to deliver creativity to local businesses.

Her last series started in 2019 offers an individual glimpse into the cryptocurrency revolution of our time. The artist wishes to make a comparison and equate bitcoin with art which both offer an outlet for personal wealth beyond restriction and confiscation. The freedom to which the human being aspires and which the creator achieves through art with his hands and his mind can be compared to what the beginning of the digital age and the Internet have especially makes you feel. And this quickly made the birth of cryptocurrency possible.

Encircled in bitcoins, she illustrates leaves, crowns, meditative characters, fishes, so many symbols where power creates conflict. She sends visual messages on ecology as the recurring symbol of the leaf, on the economy and capitalism, with the recurring symbol of the crown which places money as king above all, and a political message when she paints portraits of Chilean men with dozens of eyes.




“Azul”. Caulino Ceramics Studio, Lisboa, Portugal.


“It”. Spongleheim Gallery.

“Global Conversation” 1st Round. Paintings.

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