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Ana Peña


Ana Peña

  • Born in 1975
  • Painter
  • Style: Lyrical abstraction / Landscape
  • Born in Argentina
  • Based in Argentina
  • Works on commissions

Ana Peña was born in 1975 in Mendoza, Argentina. Since she was a teenager, she approached painting, and since then she has had a diverse and integral artistic training. In 2006 she completed a degree in Education of Visual Arts at the Instituto Taller Calas, under the guidance of Professor Cristina Saile. She studied technological updating in painting and modern application techniques, which allowed her to venture into the development of murals in interior spaces. Also, during a stage, she explored textile art. For a few years she has dedicated herself exclusively to developing her language and personal discourse, in addition to exhibiting and promoting her work in her own art space in Mendoza, Argentina, called Casa de Artista.

Ana Peña combines the technique of watercolor and the theme of the landscape in her most recent artistic production. Although there is a reference to the representation of nature -specifically flowers-, the artist, from her creative needs and taking advantage of the versatile and random quality of watercolor, makes a pictorial treatment that dialogues with abstraction. In her compositions, the void invades a large part of the support and the flowers emerge, central, protagonists. Peña builds the petals and stems of these flowers from synthesized strokes and spontaneous stains.

The critic and writer Andrés Cáceres has masterfully described the sensibility and visual poetry of this artist. He says, Ana Peña “pursues the flourishing itself, the creative act, the arcane of origin, and in her persevering attempt, she manages to move us with an austere, legitimate poetry, stripped of any addition that is not the essence itself (…) With simplicity, spontaneous lyricism and a deep sense of aesthetic possibilities, her works exhibit a spiritual purity of one who finds in goodness, truth and justice, a human ideal resignified in beauty”.

Ana Beatriz García

In the Studio




“Acrílicos. La línea de expresión” Espacio Le Parc, Mendoza, Argentina.


 “Acrílicos”. Estación Torreón, Mendoza, Argentina. 


“Acuarelas” Casona Gallery, Mendoza, Argentina. 

“100 Acuarelas. Ana invita a Martín”. Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina.  

“Salón Regional de Artes Visuales Vendimia 2021”, Mendoza, Argentina.

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