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Ana Lucero


Ana Lucero

  • Born in 1980
  • Painter
  • Style: Hiperrealism / Portrait / Free Abstraction
  • Born in Argentina
  • Based in Argentina
  • Works on commissions

Ana Lucero was born in Río Cuarto, Córdoba and currently lives in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Although she was always in contact with art all her life, it is in the city of Rosario, where she truly started painting.

The coherent and distinctive discourse is evident in her art, not only its technique but also in themes and content. Her paintings are figurative and tend towards hyper-realistic tendencies, with a predominance of portrait and self-portrait. Also, there is a clear reference to the pictorial tradition of the great classical masters – outstanding handling of oil paint, compact brushstrokes, sober color palettes, extraordinary handling of volume, and balanced compositions. The artworks expose the technical skills and academic expertise of Ana Lucero.

Her work revolves around the representation of the female figure. The artist states “I find a great fascination in the human figure, the faces, the irises, which are works of art itself,  they are galaxies  and windows of the soul. I am passionate about feminine skins and lines. I’m inspired by the feminine soul, that multifaceted, free and dynamic soul. Its invisible and silent subtlety, its constant change and rebirth”. In all her work, from “the dance of forms”, she persistently studies the definition and illustration of the feminine, explores its emotions, its particular spiritual processes. 

Lucero understands art as a constant search for self-knowledge from the gracefulness of forms. The experience must be integrated with the interpretation of the viewer, the artist hopes that whoever looks at her work is reflected, in order to “stimulate the innate beauty that exists within all human beings.”

Ana Beatriz García

By Studio Fer Quiróz

By Damián Henriquez




Calixto Café, Rosario, Argentina.


“Ser mujer”. Espacio de Arte Art Rosario, Rosario, Argentina.


Espacio de exposición del Banco Nación, Rosario, Argentina.

→ Espacio de Arte de Vinos del Litoral, Rosario, Argentina.


Presenta las etiquetas de la serie Vinos con alma de mujer. Museo Estévez, Rosario, Argentina.


Galería de Arte Sol Victoria, Victoria, Argentina.

Pertutti Resto, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


→ Asociación Estímulo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Aniversario Galería de Arte Sol Victoria”. Galería de Arte Sol Victoria, Victoria, Argentina. 

Galerías del Centro, Rosario, Argentina. 

Galería El Cuadro, Santiago de Querétaro, México. 

“Relámpago”. Galería Toltecayotl, Rosario, Argentina. 

Salón de Joyas y Arte, Rosario, Argentina.


“EXPO VAM (Vino, Arte y Música)”. Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas, Rosario, Argentina. 


→ Espacio Arsénico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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