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Alejandra Villegas


Alejandra Villegas

  • Born in 1965
  • Painter
  • Style: Geometric Abstraction
  • Born in Chile
  • Based in Chile
  • Works on commissions

Alejandra Villegas (1965) is a Chilean artist. Her studies of Fine Arts were carried out at the Universidad de Artes y Ciencias Sociales ARCIS with outstanding professors such as the artists Francisco Brugnoli, Fernando Undurraga, Virgina Errazuriz, among others.

The work of Alejandra Villegas executed in black and white and in color becomes very attractive and dynamic to the eye of the viewer who is caught by the movement of her planes and her false volumes, it is in that network of relationships proposed by the artist where the viewer is invited to devise and chart their own directions through the encounter with her work.

The systematization and serialization of lines, diagonals, rigid and sinuous contours that are broken by the unpredictable, making their way through lights and shadows developed in the mind of the artist before to its execution.

The impossibility of capturing the whole of what impacts her, has led her to find in attractive optical illusions based on abstraction, the dilution of the image, opposing the allusion of the concrete referent and approaching from geometric art to a certain part of that everything.

Playfulness, and the multiple readings of her artworks is something that she is passionate about and is capable of transferring into her works.

The encounter with the works of Víctor Vasarely and Matilde Pérez had a special impact on her training.

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