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Adán Reyes


Adán Reyes

  • Painter
  • Style: Pop Art
  • Born in Venezuela
  • Based in Venezuela

Adan Reyes (Guárico, Venezuela) has Pop Art as the basis of his pictorial language, dialogue which is connected with his profession as a publicist. Self-taught in painting, his inclination towards art was born as a vital breath, his need to express base on his research of art history – from studying the contributions of key artists such as Lichtenstein and Warhol, the use of light in the artwork of Armando Reverón, the chromaticism of Carlos Cruz-Diez, and the avant-garde vision of Jesús Soto, among others.

Adan’s life takes place between the flat region of Venezuela and Caracas, both geography having relevance in his artistic proposal. He explores the aesthetic values of the everyday and his impressions of these different places, using color and light. He usually looks at simple objects and images of his close and intimate surroundings, such as paint cans, brushes, cariaquito plants, the dollar symbol, logos, food, books. In short, any element that catches his attention is decontextualized and artistically intervened. He puts the image through a deciphering process. He uses photography and methods such as photocopying and printing, modifying the original image until he reaches the synthesis of figures, simple lines, and completely flat tectonic forms. He adapts the brilliance of the tropics using absolute and vibrant colors. This simplification is also accompanied by compositional austerity. He frequently versions the same piece in different color combinations, even sizes, to show the rich possibilities of different representations.

After working for several years in the silence of his own workshop, an individual exhibition was organized at the Okyo Gallery in Caracas in 2015, in which he showed his artwork produced for more than ten years with a clear and coherent content. The liveliness of his paintings, stripped of their initial meanings, configure a Pop Art narrative imbued in subtle irony and local identity. His works are part of private collections, and some of his images have been used as a graphic resource in the area of fashion design.

Anny Bello



→ “Adán Reyes. Reflexiones Pop”. Galeria Okyo, Caracas, Venezuela.

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