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Patricia Pucci

Patricia Mariana Pucci is an artist born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who confesses to having been passionate about art since she was a child. Since 2016, she has devoted herself exclusively to painting and participating in exhibitions in multiple cultural scenes in Buenos Aires.

Although she has taken classes in painting, drawing, pottery and photography, she has developed her skills, to a large extent, in a self-taught way. This need to paint comes from the powerful organic need to bring her own subjectivity to the canvas. In fact, in her daily exercise she usually accompanies her artworks with short anecdotal, descriptive, reflective, philosophical, and poetic texts.

Pucci’s artistic production has a clear abstract tendency, sometimes more informalist and colorful while others are a little more geometric, synthetic, and with reduced palettes. The presence of a faceted and expressive brushstroke is perhaps the cohesive formal key of her work – a brushstroke that accounts for her visual character which seems to materialize the emotional place that encourages this deeply sensitive artist to create.

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